What uni should I buy?

I’ve offically learned to ride a unicycle (about three days ago), and so far I’ve managed to complete level one without problems and several items in level two (http://www.unicycling.org/unicycling/skills/skills.html). My mom and brother also ride, and as is family custom, once you learn to ride you get a brand new unicycle. They both bought Torkers, but I was wondering what would be best for me. Right now I have a gravity which serves me well, but I want something stronger for the things I want to do. Just curious if Torker’s for me, or something else is needed.

In the future, I’m looking to do a variety of things such as hopping, one-footed riding, and hopping or rolling off roughly two foot drops (maybe more as I progress), several different kinds of mounts, walking the wheel, etc. Things like grinding and such I probably won’t do unless I get a daredevil comfort on my uni. I’m riding off 6" curbs with my gravity now, but I’m afraid to try anything higher because I don’t know what it can take. I’ll also be doing some fairly long distance riding (a couple of miles at a time, which I’m already doing with my 24" gravity). 24" seems a good sized tire for the things I want to do. What do you think?

Basically, I want a unicycle that can take some heat but isn’t dreadfully expensive. Torker seems good, but I read both good and bad about it, and I’m not sure what to do. I’m also looking for something a little lighter since I’m a girl and only have so much physical strength. I have an in-seam length of 29-30" without shoes (if that helps for gathering advice).


I recommend a Nimbus. I’ve had a 19in. trials Nimbus for a while now, and it’s greeat! It wasn’t too expensive, it’s light enough to ride easily, and it bounces great. Make sure you get a KH Street Gel seat though - I’ve heard that the standard Nimbus seats are uncomfortable.

A Nimbus 24" Muni would be a good uni for you, but it is probably out of your price range.

If you get a splined crank uni

The KH, Nimbus or Qu ax ISIS splined models are the best choice. This is because the cranks are less expensive, available in more sizes, and are sort of the new standard. For instance, the Torker dx cranks are 30 $ more/pr , and are an odd orphan type. You can save some money in the future if you stick to the ISIS standard, by swapping cranks between unis instead of having to buy more pairs.

Sometimes KH 24’s and Qu ax have been on sale for about 400 ish $. The Nimbus is less costly, but like the Qu ax, is heavier than the KH. The KH has the best seat. Otherwise, they are all strong fun choices.

If money is kinda short, the ax and lx models hold up pretty well. If you aren’t very much over 100 lbs. they might last OK. I have a Torker ax 29 with 150 cranks and it has held up fine to my 190 lbs on my kinda gentle muni rides. Aware of the possible fragility, I only hopped on it to do turns, not hard jumps or off of stuff.
An ax 24 with odessey twisted pc pedals (12 $, stock pedals are slippery) , might even be better for you than the costlier splined unis, as it is several lbs lighter. A lot depends on how much you weigh and how far you plan to drop. Putting better 125 (shorter) cranks also reduces the leverage on the hub, allowing it to absorb a higher drop then stock cranks, and picking up a little road speed.

An ax torker can be found googling, at least sometimes, for around 125 $. Close enough to the lx that I recommend it as well worth paying a few dollars more for the lightness.

if your on a budget, get a Torker. I beat mine pretty hard, consistent 5ft drops and so on. and if you wait a little while, the new Torker should be coming out, that is a whole other league from the curret Torkers. its going to be lighter and stronger. but unfortunatly i can’t say when it will be out. should be anytime.