What type of trials uni should I buy?

What would I be the benefits I get from swithing to the LX. (i.e. higher drops, etc.)

scratch my last post, what I meant was

what will be the benefits swithing from the LX to the Nimbus?

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A flatter side to side footprint of the tire making still stands and some other tricks easier.
A bit easier to balance on, making most tricks and technical trials easier.
Smaller so it’s more manuverable and you can push the limits more w/o a UPD.
Lower to the ground than a 24, making awkward falls less painful.

Doesn’t roll over large bumps very well.

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  1. So if I tried to do a sif hop onto a park bench, would it be easier to do on an Torker LX 24" or a nimbus 20" ISIS?

  2. Which unicycle weighs more? how much more does it weigh? approx. will do

  3. Will dropping off a 6 foot drop break the Nimbus ISIS 20" or the Torker LX 24" easier?

  4. I am dying to be able to jump up 2 or 3 feet, grind, but mostly jump, so, on which unicycle, Torker lx 24" or the Nimbus ISIS 20," could I jump higher on and grind more easily on?

1 - Easier on the 20". Less weight and material to be moving from ground to bench.

2 - I think the Nimbus weighs about 12ish pounds. Not sure on the LX, but it wouldnt surprise me if the LX was lighter, they could possibly be around the same. Not like it matters to much.

3 - A six foot drop will easily take the LX out. The Nimbus ISIS will easily take this size of drops. If you do them regularly like me, you should learn to maintain your wheel, because you will be wanting to keep your spokes tensioned and rim true so you can continue doing big drops.

4 - It will be easier on the Nimbus.

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A fat trials tire may not help you jump higher directly, but it is much, much better for trials overall.

Fat trials tires are put on wide rims, so you’ll have a much different “footprint” then on your LX. The take off and landing will be more stable, you’ll have more grip, and more shock absorption.

Now, all that doesn’t mean it will make you better at doing trials right off the bat, but it will help you learn better techniques and give you that ‘edge’ to go bigger and better.

Just wanted to say thank you for everyone who posted, they all impacted my final decision (Nimbus ISIS 19") Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And, in 2008, when I am deemed the best unicyclist in the world, don’t take it too harshly. hehehehe:)


im not sure which is better, but i just got the nimbus 20" and i love it! im just starting and can only hop onto a curb, but so far its been great and really comfy:D