What type of trials uni should I buy?

Hey guys,

I have been saving up for a trials uni forever now and finally have enough money. I want to now make the best purchase for a uni. (Preferabley one under $300) If anyone has experience and thinks they can make an honest review or suggestion for one, please post or pm me.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

well since the nimbus isis trials isn’t availible anymore (for a while anyway) i would get this qu ax

i then (when i got more money) would get a kh seat, and moments…pretty nice set up…its what i am riding now, i have pics in the custome quax thread, the only thing different is i have a carbon fiber seatbase and a primo viking seat clamp, if you looking to get into street or flatland i would get these cranks in 125 mm, but if your planing on doing just trials then the moments will be better

Or instead of slowly turning your uni into a KH, you go buy a KH. It would save you money in the long run.

what about the nimbus ISIS 19"?

Great looking unicycle, and supposed to be super strong.
Which is a plus because I’m not exactly huge.:stuck_out_tongue:

the nimbus should be back in stock for January of 08. you also need to consider if you want a 36 hole hub or a 48 hole hub. I thought about getting a Qu-ax but decided I would go with the nimbus because it seems like 36 spoke is the universal for trials.

A nimbus is a good unicycle. As is a Torker if you’re interested.

ha, i dont think you need to worry about replacing the rim, that is the beastliest rim you will ever rid, i have done static 6 ft drops to flat on that bad boy an it hasnt budged an inch, also i dont get my spokes tightend (ever)which i should start doing, the onlything better about 36 is you have more room for upgrading…i think after christmas the’ll drop the price of the nimbus isis wheelset and you could get that…

Save your money and get a KH.

Yes that rim is very strong, but not quite enough for people who beat on it rediculously hard, like skrobo. People like him should prob ride w/ 13 guage spokes or even the sold Try All.

how about this uni

How about this. It looks really nice and it is really cheap!

one that doesn’t suck balls, duh.

yes get that, like it was already said earlier in the thread. just upgrade to KH moments and you have an incredibly good uni. the stock cranks will bend.

don’t even think about getting the torker, it may be strong but it’s outdated and for the price it’s at, it’s better just to buy the Nimbus ISIS 19".

tell you what… 6 feet dropping to a rim… straight down isn’t nearly as bad for it as sidehopping 6 feet… my argument is this… the spokes run up and down… therefore the most strength available out of that rim is going to be up and down, and the sideways strength is going to be much smaller.

dropping 6 feet means nothing, but i do agree that the qu-ax is the best rim out there (try all street-undrilled is equal IMO)

my rim was fine on a 5 1/2 foot down to flat drop, i bent the freestyle cranks tho, those suck, if you get the quax upgrade those…

Yeah, just make sure it’s the one w/ the ISIS hub. The £168.00 one, not the £129.00 one.

The photographs show it has the new Nimbus trials frame so it must be the ISIS hub ask them if they will swap the cranks to the KH moments for you.


i bought the Nimbus ISIS and it has been really good so far.

Both the “ISIS” and “standard hub” use the same picture, and description. Call and make sure it’s the splined ISIS before you buy from that site.

Thats not totally true, if you look closely at the description of the ISIS one, there is a section HUB. Also, I did clarify it with firetoys staff. From what I have read though from everyone, I am probably going to get a Nimbus ISIS Trials 20"

I followed the advice of the people of this forum and bought a Nimbus ISIS trials, with KH Moments, and I love it. The only thing is if you are going to be doing anything but trials on this uni(like street or riding for a couple miles) get the 125mm KH cranks. I got the 137mm KH cranks and I wish I would have bought the 125mm ones.


I am now quite sure I will be getting the Nimbus ISIS Trials but want to clarify on a couple of things. First, you suggested I get the 125mm cranks if I will be riding places or doing street on it, I like to ride places, sometimes a few miles, but I really enjoy urban and natural trials. From that, do you still suggest the 125mm. Also, IF I am 5’ 2," what seat post height should I get. Usually when I buy a unicycle my dad hack saws it down 6 inches or so.

Anyone else feel free to answer :slight_smile: