what trick should i try?

hey guys,
i can hop pretty well and almost do a unispin.
i was wondering if any one could advise me on some new tricks to learn.
i was thinking maybe tire grab?

if you know any tricks that arnt to hard then please tell me .
and also how to do them.

any help appreciated!


Just watch some vids and try that. You could try rolling 180’s like when you ride forward and spin and ride out back wards those are fun. If your into street you could always practice rolling hops getting ready for jumping sets and stuff… hmm that is all I have right now…

all of them, or anyone one you want, its pretty much your choice.

heres a cool trick…search

either on here or the net, watch videos and learn what they do, and dont ask how to do them because at the moment there is enough info on this website to keep you going for now

you say you cant even unispin so why learn a NEW trick?/ Learn that first

if youre looking for tricks that film well, drops, bridges/walls, and unispins
If youre looking for skills that lead to better riding, one foot, wheel walking, and high jumps.
Try to avoid prehops.

Hey themunkyuni a good trick to learn would be

  • Skate mount
  • Coasting
  • Wheel Walk
  • Bagging (it’s a technique me and my friends created. You have a heavy backpack on you and try to balance yourself, the uni and the backpack simultaneously)

what good would that do? (non sarcastic tone)

its hazmat - only he knows…

And the skate mount isnt that a BC mount???

Anwyways on topic try getting some rolling hops going and some rolling 180s but just learn SIF hops and start riding skinnies cause you know you dont want to be a street rider :stuck_out_tongue:

Work on grinding. I just recently started getting into it (yesterday) and its sooo fun

1) Yeah it is. :smiley:
2) Or a UW as i’ve seen done. As for the skate mount technique. You’ll need something like a 16" or smaller to attempt it. :smiley:

but i’m pretty sure he has a unicycle. Not a BC wheel… hence why suggesting BC tricks is kinda stupid ! :wink:

If you want the trick to help improve you over all riding, learn to idle. Not just a couple pedals, be able to do it forever with either foot.

Why? Just curious

I think working on my idle was the best thing Ive done for my riding. It improves your abality to stay balanced in any situation(foot position). After really getting my idle down with both feet, I was able to hop and land in any foot position. Also being able to idle well mean you can ride pretty much anywhere without having to dismount.

EDIT:Also speeding up and slowing down your idles tempo, I feel, Is very good practice.

sorry guys
but what are skinnies?

one foot is really easy learn that if you havent yet

Don’t do any of the ones mentioned. Do a really good one. That’s what the kids at the park who are never satisfied tell me to do. :roll_eyes:

Narrow lines to ride, like a raised curb, back rest of a park bench or railing…helps your balance.