What trials unicycle to buy?

Hi all, looking at purchasing a 19" trials but struggling to decide which one, I have a £300 budget. Also is there anywhere in the world I can still buy a new koxx one? Thanks

Koxx One went out of business a couple of years ago. There were leftover boxes being sold cheap for a while on Amazon and other places but it looks like even those are gone now, and they were a crap-shoot anyway since what was inside when the box arrived often didn’t match the listing.

You’re also just a little late for the Unicycle.com UK Deal of the Week, a Nimbus 19" Trials uni for £185.00 but it’s sold out now.

If I were buying right now, I’d probably go for an Impact Athmos. Some people will ding it for the steel frame with pressed bearing holders but I’ve put lots of miles on frames like that. It has a cromoly splined hub with standard bearings, a 25.4 mm seatpost like most of my other unis, a wide trials rim, no funny non-standard parts from what I can see. And the frame looks like it might do less damage to shins than the old faithful Nimbus II frame. You might see what you think of that.