what trials uni to get

hi im new to this sport,

i am curious what is the best value for money unicycle i can get for trials.

i was thinking eiter a koxx or kris holm

i found this unii, is this good

or maybe this

I’ve heard that the onza frame isn’t that great. But the XTP is supposed to be pretty strong and it’s the lightest trials frame you can get.

The XTP is definately not the bestfor the price, the frame is ridiculous. If you are looking to spend as little money as possible, try a Torker DX. These go for around $250, and have a strong splined hub. However, DX’s are on the heavy side. If you’re willing to shell out more cash, the QU-AX has one of the strongest hubs, and runs around $320. If you want the lightest available uni, go for an ISIS hub. The Koxx Devil and the KH20 are the most popular in this category, costing $400 and $500 respectively. You may also want to scrounge the Trading Post, you might find a great deal on the kind of set-up you’re looking for.

some reveiws

here are some reveiws for the Onza,


here is some more info on it


there are a few problems with the onza :

  • frame is horrible, bangs your knees cause it goes wider as it goes up (how stupid are onza designers ??? lol)
  • seat is fat so sif is like horrible.

XTP is not good value for money. Hell its a good uni, but not good value for money.

The qu-ax MDC edition
is what i consider to be the best value unicycle. Some will say its abit heavy but its not exactly that heavy, and its a great uni esepcially for the price.

Apart from that, then the koxx devil unicycles are good value for money too, i really like the no q-factor cranks, and the KH 07 unicycles well they are just awesome.

btw the reviews for the onza are the reviews for the 05/06 versions not the 07 version…

buy Kh and you wont be dissapointed

que amanda with her words of wisdome and advise on why you should buy a kh :slight_smile:

Get the KH, maybe try calling AEBike :wink: they sell them cheaper if you know what their “real” price really is :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I didn’t say that, seriously it wasn’t me. Ask somebody else.