What to get?

I am interested in buying a new unicycle, I have one now, but its pretty lame. I have tryed looking at some myself at unicycle.com, but the terminology is confusing. I am interested in doing tricks, not moutain riding or anything like that. I am pretty much a begginer, I can freemount, idle, 1 foot idle, ride backwards and do a few cool mounts, so I am still looking for a unicycle that I can learn on.
I am 6 feet tall.
Thanks alot.

The best for doing tricks(hopping, jumping down stuff, spins, flips) would be a trials unicycle. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, they range from 500 to about 250 usually. A Kris Holm model is one of the better ones but its really expensive. A torker DX is a good one that is cheaper. Hope that helps.


So any of the Trial unicycles from Unicycle.com will do? I’ll go ahead and be an Amercian and asume more expensive is better… Or should I look somewhere else for better ones?

Where are you located? Umm expensive, not neccesarilly better but has better qualitites sometimes. The KH is alot lighter compared to the torker so it costs more. As long has you have a splined hub and cranks you should be fine. Cotterless cranks and hubs don’t seem to last long in street or trials.


I live in Atlanta, if its an issue of time it takes to get here, I really dont mind. I just read about these splined thingies on Wikipedia, how do I ensure that the unicycle I am getting has one of these?
Whats the difference between Trials and Freestyle?

Hey you do you msn or aim…it would be alot easier than this…

Trials, is like jumping up objects, across rocks, logs, rails, posts…etc…

Freestyle is like indoors gym tricks, as gliding, one footed riding, one footed backwards, wheelwalking…stuff like that

It should say in the description if it has a splined crank and hubset…I think everyone on the trials page does.


No, some of the nimbus trials unicycles have cotterless hubs.

Oh, thanks for correcting me. I didn’t even think about the Nimbus’s


Yea, add Spazattack9281 to AIM. I have some questions about the freestyle unicycles.

A trials bike is overkill maybe

They are made heavier to take the abuse of drops and jumping. If you don’t want to do that stuff, a torker lx may be better. Lighter and a lot less cash.
If you want a real stair jumper, it is best to get a KH from AE Bike IMHO. Then you will want to read this thread, and save over 125 $ on the price.:smiley:

If you want to do tricks but not jump off stuff get a freestyle. A lot less expensive, and lighter.

If you do want to eventually jump off stuff I would save my money untill I could afford a KH. In the meantime don’t do any drops and learn to hop up stairs (not down, your uni might not take the abuse), still stand, pedal grab, riding SIF, wheel walking (ww), one foot ww, gliding, hop up stairs w/o prehops and two at a time.

That oght to keep you bussy for a couple of months untill you have the $ for a KH.