What to get? HELP!

Hey all
I’m new here (first post!):smiley:
I bought an 24 inch “Ebay uni” :astonished: and the seat has recently broke, as I started to do simple tricks. I first thought of buying a new seat but then, after reading some threads on this site, decided that it wasn’t worth it.
I’d like a 24 inch that can be used offroad and on footpaths that also is good for tricks (btw, nothing too hardcore).
I was interested in this one:D
but thought it would be good to get some advice from people that have been through this "search process :roll_eyes: "


Hawo samsta002, my name is Harry a.k.a Hazmat.
1stly Let me be the 1st to welcome you to the forums. :smiley:
2ndly That is an awesome MUni considering it is lightweight and durable and comes with assembly tools and instructions which is always a good thing to have. Also the Nimbus 24" Muni is always a good step forward to the MUni world of unicycling. (I apologize if i’m confusing you)
3rdly For me personally, i would prefer this awesome unicycle. But i like the fact that you’re going with a nimbus as they’re always a good choice for unicycles so i’m sure the 24" Muni would be a good pick too also. :smiley:

ALSO Don’t hesitate to ask me or anyone else the questions that you require help in as we are here to help you always. Your like the new member of this big and happy family who have welcomed you with open arms and so forth. So have fun, enjoy, ask for assistance if you need help and enjoy the world of unicycling my new friend. :smiley:

Your new friend/helper.

That is a good unicycle, however eventually it is bound to break. As you progress in skill you will put more stress on the hub and cranks, therefore you should be looking for that model of unicycle with the ISIS hub and KH moment cranks. I’m sure if you phone up unicycle.com and ask them for that upgrade on your unicycle then they would be more than willing to set it up for you. Although this will cost slightly more money, you will then have a very strong unicycle.

Definitely try to get ISIS if you can, however it doesn’t seem as though UDC Australia has any.

Unfortunately UDC Oz will not upgrade parts on a uni like jamessd suggested.

Thanx guys for the advice
I’ve worked out that I want a 24 Muni but I don’t think I can quite afford that one (I’ll know in 9 days!)
Are there any others that you could recommend that are a bit cheaper??
Btw, i’m 5 ft 6, just under 50 kgs if it helps?

You may not be able to afford it right now, but who said you couldn’t save up some more?

Which one exactly?
Give us a price limit and we may be able to help some more.
Also you say that you want an offroad, street riding, tricks uni. Which is it? I would say Trials Uni like Hazmat suggested.

edit: I was a little bored so I added some colour etc just for something to do.

I was thinking of anything up to $350
Maybe a bit more, if it’s worth it
What are the main features of a trials uni thats so different to a Muni???
I’ll look into it some more but what would you recommend?
Also what do you think about this one???

Looks good - if you don’t mind a few scratches - otherwise it’s a very strong unicycle (one of the best brands too).

Ps if you look in the tradin post section, you’ll see a number of other people selling KH24s at the moment, for example this one. You may want to consider different qualities of each one.

If you want to ride around on dirt tracks and down hills through forests etc then Muni. If it’s mainly for tricks and jumping around on walls, benches, rocks and for grinding stuff then you want a trials uni. Main difference the tyre and possibly a different seat.
Good uni but will cost a fortune to ship to Aus.
Depending what you decide to use it for I would suggest one of these:
http://www.unicycle.au.com/View.php?action=ProductDetail&Code=UNINM24 (it’s not ISIS but they don’t have any with in the 24" like you said you would like)
http://www.unicycle.au.com/View.php?action=ProductDetail&Code=Nim26ISISmuni (same as above uni but 26" with ISIS. Not really a trick machine but better for Muni and riding longer distances. I bought the last one recently and I love it. But i’m not really into tricks so much).

I would strongly suggest getting something with ISIS. It is definitely the smart thing to do.

What about a 24" Trials?
Is that a stupid question? :thinking:
By the sound of it trials might be the most versatile and right 4 me:)
Could they be used for a teeny bit of offroad?
Is that a stupid question? :thinking:

1) A 24" is an ideal choice for offroad. Well i think it is.
2) Nope.
3) This may help you somewhat Samsta. :smiley:
4) Nope. :smiley:

BTW nothing you have said in this is stupid. :smiley:

:smiley: Ahh good
On unicycles.com they dont have any 24" trials:( :astonished:
I’m going to check out a cycle shop that sells unis on the weekend though:D
I’ll keep looking but i’m pretty sure that a 24" trials is for me :roll_eyes: and i think that ISIS is a pretty much, must have for trials

Well the preferred choice for a trials is a 20" but 24" is the next best thing to have. Also i would chose an ISIS hub myself. :smiley:

I’m doubting that your cycle shop will have any good unicycles, but it’s a possibility. You’re best off getting this nimbus ISIS trials unicycle (as hazmat first suggested). This can be used for Trials, muni, freestyle, flat… pretty much everything (other than distance of course…).

Thanks for the advice:) but i’m pretty hooked on a 24"- it would suit my area better
Does anyone know of any good 24" trials???

Well, trials will be harder to do on a Municycle… but have it your way :wink:

I don’t think you have the nimbus ISIS 24" unicycle in australia, but that’s all I can think of other than the KH24 (which is expensive).

Why not just buy this:
and then put a different tyre on it if you want a more knobbly one?

Niiiice, niice :sunglasses:
Thats a very good idea;)
Got any idea where i could get a cheapist muni tyre? In Aus preferrably?
Would thiiiiiiisss
fit on it???