What to do... What to do...

Well, I havent been on the forums for a week or two. I have been experimenting with different sports and also the fact of bending my axel to the EXTREME. Yeah, Its impossible for me to ride backwards now, my cranks are far more bent than in my picture.
I also came to a loss when I wanted to learn guitar like zakk wylde, so I bought a guitar. Bad side effect was that I have no unicycle money now to replace what I have destroyed.
I found what may be able to keep me from going stir crazy. I am now getting into extreme jumproping. I am also inventing my own jump roping sports. Like trial jump roping, jumping off of drops while roping. And also uniroping. Which is when i strap a belt to my unicycle and to myself. This make my unicycle hope when im atached to it. And along with this long known knowledge, I have a jumprope with my unicycle, Pretty fun when you get going and hopping and roping.
And comes to the point of when I was searching the internet and found an all new sport entirely!! TRIAL BIKING!!! Very cool! its the most odd thing ever. These people are whipping their bikes in circles and climbing up 12ft strait cliffs and rock. Very cool.

My jump roping talents increase as well do my bruises on my buttox and neck/back. I can constantly criss cross and jump for hours on end practicly.

If anyone knows any way to fixe my dumb as crap unicycle with cotterless cranks. Or any way I can… Hey!! I got an idea, i can weld some bars onto my unicycle to keep things from bending… Back to the main idea is do you guys have any way to fixe my unicycle using the following equipment-

Wirefeed welder
some super wd40 stuff with silicon in it
anything else found in a household that is centered around motorcycles, or just a house.

Pick some of the more valuable items that you listed, sell them and use the money to buy new cranks. :smiley:

these items (like the welder) are my brothers and worth $500, enough to pay for a kh, but its my axel, and hub, and cranks, then in turn i would nee a new tire and spokes and rim.

if you can sell the welder and afford a KH it will be well worth what ever your brother can do to you because of it, or just sell the guitar unicycling is way better

For you maybe, but guitar and playing musical instruments play a WAY bigger part in my life then unicycling does.

Anyways, for your playing like Wylde, learn the basic blues scale. Take that scale play it fast, and ta-da, you are playing like him. Not to impressive of oa guitar player really.

I wouldn’t bother fixing your uni, because if youre already bending your cotterless cranks as much as you are, then a new set of cotterless cranks will just break again. I say its time for an upgrade. Torker DX, Qu-Ax. Both cheap, both strong.