What to buy? (CAN Trials)

Hey everyone, just wanted to ask about buying a new trials uni in canada. I have two good choices, Bedford and Norco. I know, I know, buy the Bedford. Believe me, I’d like to. But, there is a $100 price difference.

NORCO KH 20" $ 319.00

What do you think? Save for the Bedford?

Unless theres a better hub in the bedford get the Norco KH trails.

I dont see anything that the Bedford has that is better as far as parts go. The Tire/rim are comparible but both are quite good. You get a CrMo frame with the KH, wider seat post tube for standard seat posts, Squish seat. I think the KH is a good buy


you mean the norco that comes out of a bike shop right? it’s probably almost exactly the same.

Re: What to buy? (CAN Trials)

I’m assuming you mean the black Norco? I rode one in my lbs and it’s pretty
nice. All parts are comparable, but the KH seat and frame are far better.


Get the Bedford. As the Norco KH trials that you seen in Canada has the cheaper hub and crank set. It is not like the one that is in uni.com as Norco is only selling all the better trials uni’s through uni.com. The KH seat is a good selling point, but not if the rest of the uni won’t hold up. One guy in the Vancouver club had to retighten all the spokes in his wheel, twice, since he got it. They where never tightened properly. His wheel went out of true, then it was rubbing on the frame. As well the paint on the crank arms are wearing off and it is chrome underneath the black paint. Maybe it is a heavy duty paint, but it is not powder coat.
It is holding up alright so far. But it does not have the splinded cranks that the one in the states has.

Super deal for 349.00,big seatpost , nice seat .The frame is bomber.Ya the cranks are low end ,would be very nice with splinded hub ,it’s a keeper.

I know people who pay 350.00 for a seat at a Canucks game.


If you can get the Bedford with a Suzue hub go for that. The hub is pretty tough and Darren puts together a great uni.