What street unicycle do you recommend?

I have been unicycling for about two months on my 24" Torker CX, and I have begun to realize that is not meant for what I want to do.

I am interested in purchasing a new unicycle made for street.

I have looked at various models, including some nimbuses and torkers, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for purchasing.

$300 is at the upper limit of my price range, though if I need to spend the money on crank upgrades etc. I am willing to do so. I would also prefer to spend less than $300.

Nimbus Trials are pretty good, you can get black, blue, green, red, or yellow for $10 more

for an extra $30 you can get KH Moment cranks but if you aren’t going to be doing many drops you might not need them, if the others break you can always upgrade them later

hope that helps

definitely cant go wrong with the nimbus trials.

I love my Nimbus X Street, but it might be a bit pricy if you get moments, which is a must…

so nimbus makes the best street unicycles for my price range?

U can also get a pretty nice koxx for about 280$ or less, at k124house:


yeah for your price range, nimbus Xstreet or trials will be the way to go. there good uni’s :smiley: