what size

i’m about 5’11 and need to know what wheel size to get i have absolutely no clue

This question comes up a lot. It all really depends on what kind of riding you intend to do. For a beginner, a 20" or 24" is probably best. The 20" is the best size for freestyle and trials, but is not useful for getting you from point A to point B. A 24" is better for MUni and is great for just riding around, but you can also do a lot of freestyle on it. If you plan on doing a lot of distance riding, you might consider a 26" or larger, but one of these will be harder to learn.

At 5’11, you would do ok on a 24. Most beginners use a 20, though. It is possible to learn on any size.

yeah, at least two people i heard of were crazy enough to learn on 36s

but unless you realy are a weirdo just get a 20.

I’m not awfully sure that “weirdo” was the most tactful way of expresing that point to a new member of the forum. 5’11" is quite tall. A friend of mine who’s about 5’9 learned on a 24.

would i still be a “wierdo” if i went to a 24’ i think it would be better for me from looking at them on the internet


I’m only 5’6" tall, and I recently learned to ride a unicycle using a Torker LX 24".

MY - aren’t you the complimentary one! Crazy AND a Wierdo - any other adjectives you’d care to add?

My suggestion - the best wheel to learn on is whichever one you have available. From personal experience a 20 is easier than a 24, but there’s nothing like sitting on a coker for a bit to get over the whole “I’m so far from the floor” problem.