What size for the kids?

Hey Crew, it’s been a while, so Hi!
Back before my kids were born, i was riding a lot and I picked up a sweet 12" for my babies to learn on. They tried it when they were younger and smaller and didn’t get super far, but it gave them the idea. Now, they are 7 and 9 and I know that the 12" is just frustrating them, so my question is, do I move them to a 16" or do I just bite the bullet and move them up to a 20"? I know that 20" is where I learned when I was 11, and I know that it is where my two will end up, but do I make a quick pitstop at 16"?

I know that some of this depends on their height, but as grown men and women, we can ride 36".

What is your experience?

My three kids learned on an 18" uni at about age 7. They are tall-ish, and quickly moved to 20" wheels. My now 9 year old daughter still prefers the 18", mostly because it’s yellow. I have no experience with a 16", but I would recommend 18" or 20" if their legs will reach. Good luck, dad!

Depends how tall they are and what they can reach. My 7yo is riding a 16 with the seat right down. He’d not fit on a 20 unless I cut down the frame - but then he’s probably slightly shorter than average for his age. I might well do that when he gets a bit better, but for now the 16 is actually fine for him, and probably not that bad a place to start for kids that age. Your 9yo would likely fit on a 20 though.

Thanks everyone, I will have a look at their inseam measurements tonight and see.

Hello Beener.

You can check out this thread about unicycle sizes for kids: Kids Beginner Unicycle, 16" Hoppley Maybe?

And also this one about kids and unicycling: Starting little kids on unis

My thread - am I allowed to do a little brag on behalf of my 7yo son I mention in that then? He got a uni for Christmas and is now able to ride to the end of the street and back and do circles, and last practice he seemed to have got the hang of a freemount. Practice has tailed off a lot, but I’m not going to push him, I’m sure it will come (I’ll just occasionally point out he needs to practice more if he wants to ride it to school).

Yeah, I totally forgot about the search feature. Should likely have done that fist instead of building a whole new thread. Bot the old threads helped answer my question.

Thanks crew