what should i learn after idling

what should i try and learn after idling? so far i can
self mount
figure eight
ride backwards (but not in a circle or anything)
bunny hop (sort of)
idle (pretty well, not that good at it)
is there anything i’ve missed or what should i try and learn now or should i just keep working on the tricks i know
if anyone has any advice that would be great thx

This is a nice guide to the IUF levels. It provides plenty of idea’s. http://www.unicyclist.org/cont/levels.cfm

Start riding off-road!

Most of what I am going to say is going to paraphrase my post here Jump mount for the nervous!

If you just want to improve your riding, jumping up curbs is a good skill to have in your inventory. Riding off road is great, if you have a smaller wheel, like me, then downhills wil probably be easier to start with.

For tricks, I really like the back mount, because if you fall off the front, you can make it look like you were just prepping for the mount. One footed and wheelwalking are good fun, but a bit harder to learn. If you think you want to do flatland or trails, learning seat in front will be useful.