What should i get?

Well im just getting my one unicycle fixed… well the tyre and hub replaced… but im planning on buying another one… right now i have a 20inch and… i was thinking of getting a bigger one… like 24 or 26 but well im not super tall… so will the bigger wheel give me problems… i mean i know i can put the seat down… but yeah… i dont know which one would be best… i just want one that goes faster so i can use it as better trasportation over the summer

what do you guys think? What would be your preference?

Its probably gonna be a Torker… if that matters to anyone

If it is gonna be a torker, that means the LX would be the only way to get a 26inch wheel, unless your going for a 24 then the DX is optional.

It depends though, do you want this muni to be more of a travel uni to get places faster but still do some technical muni.

Or do you want your uni to be able to go slightly faster then your 20 but being able to do some really technical muni while also being able to do most trials stuff?

If your leaning towards the first option more, go for the 26. If your leading towards the second option, then go for the 24.

yeah, what jerrick said :roll_eyes: