What shorts/pants do you wear while riding?

I have tried to ride in most of my shorts and even in a pair of jeans, but the crotch always bunches up and then the leg of my pants ride right up high. I like to have loose fitting shorts but I wouldn’t say that the crotch hangs down really low or anything.
The only two things I can think of is that I need to get a different style of pants to wear when I’m riding or my seat is too high. I havn’t lowered my seat because it is at the lowest height without hitting the tyre, and I couldn’t be arsed taking it out and cutting it because it is comfortable to ride at that hieght, but if I do need to cut it I will.
Has anybody else had this problem?

I’ve been riding NZO Dobies for years. If you’re in Australia they’re easy enough to get: www.nzoactive.co.nz

Also I’ve just gotten myself a pair of Ground Effect Double Happies (www.groundeffect.co.nz). Haven’t really ridden on them yet but they look good.


I just wear my normal $20 shorts from Fred Myers or wherever I bought them and some cheap padded bike shorts underneath that.

I wear standard bike shorts and then light nylon shorts over these. Yes, the nylon shorts bunch up a little, but since they are light fabric, this is not an issue. Both the nylon shorts and bike shorts underneath are black, so it doesn’t look to funny. :slight_smile:


I just wore whatever I had on at school.

Skinny-ish jeans help a lot against package migration.

i wear anything, normaly jeans. and now where my seat has rubbed on my legs i have tougher skin so it doesnt bother me so much any more. ive adapted to my unicycle :smiley: lol

I wear girl pants. same as i wear at school and such.

i just wear ordinary shorts and im fine

cycling shorts + $7 windbreaker-esque pants from el’village = perfect.

Thanks for the comments guys.
So could it be that my seat is too high for the length of my leg. I read on UDC that when the pedal is at the 6 oclock position my leg should be slightly bent, maybe I have my leg too straight at the 6 oclock position :thinking:
I will have to cut the seat post and see :slight_smile: