what psi do u run in your 20" for trials?

I am really interested in what psi people have in their tyres.I know theirs lots of variables but I feel that data can be collected which can give a basic starting point, and it will be interesting to compare stats.So please tell me your weight(kg) and the psi u favour and the type of tyre u have.

You will get much more useful info if you search, than whatever will appear in just one, much repeated, thread.


It just goes on and on. The search is your friends. In reality one thread on tire pressure would have done just fine, starting new threads will just spread the information you are seeking thinner and thinner.

The information here is all over the place, and does not consistently state what weight,psi AND type of tyre people are using.It would be hard to draw any correlations without more consistent information.And yeah, Im a lazy person and having to convert pounds to kilos is really annoying.

Google knows all. If you need to convert 20lbs to kilos, search “20lbs in kilos” and it spits out the answer :smiley: This works for most types of units, even smoots!

Well I could have spent 5 more minutes tracking down the most useful thread on tire pressure for you. That is not my ideal way to spend 5 minutes. Its the lazy attitude that makes the information about tire pressure so all over the place and useless. That was the point I was proving. Starting new threads, on such an overproduced topic over and over is why you have not found the answer to your question.