What pedals do you long distance riders use?

Im looking to throw something nice on my new N36 SE. What do you guys use that sticks to the foot and is light?

Welgo Magnesiums are 370G and have awesome grip. They can be found on ebay for ~$25. They are sealed, and some have had trouble with the pedal falling off. I have not however had this happen to me with my set. They are the cheapest magnesium sealed pedals out there.

This is what I ride with.

Thanks both, these are nice alternatives to the 50/50s i was looking at before.

50/50 are weak. I have heard them falling off the spindle a few times.

Seems silly to bad mouth one set of pedals when you say the exact same thing about the pedals you are recomending.

I would recomend whatever light and grippy pedals you can get ahold of.

The last thing you want when going fast on a coker, is to slip off the pedal, this will lead to some pretty horrid bails. So of course you want grippy pedals, this is something you really can’t get with most plastic pedals.

Another thing is that lighter pedals will reduce rotating mass and therefore make it somewhat easier for you to pedal, so Light pedals are the way to go.

All that being said I will second the motion for the Wellgo MG1. Those are very light, and pretty grippy.

Other platform pedals are great too but most are pretty heavy, and won’t offer much more in terms of performance.


That seller has all the colours and pretty cheap shipping.

Yes, most sealed pedals have an annoying way of falling off the spindle. The 50 50 body is weak, as well as falling off the pedals. It is more expensive, weaker, and weighs more.

I chose the lesser of two evils.:slight_smile:
I got my MG 1 for $20CAD from Australia. You can’t beat that price.

Beatcha ! LOL

Seriously, these are the only pedals I would consider for my 36. I have a couple pairs of much more expensive ones holding down a shelf.

330 grams. A sharp set of hard plastic teeth gives great grip on my sneakers, even in the rain. I have over 1000 miles on one set, which have been crashed hard several times.

If you buy one pair, buy a spare set, can’t be beat at $ 8 !



I’m a big fan of Slim jims for coker riding.

not too expensive, not to heavy.

Just right as far as I am concerned

Shimano A520 SPD

Shimano A520 SPD

Sticks to the foot/shoes even when wet … Light … Great for climbing hills …



I might actually try something like that once spring rolls around and I get some clear roads.

At the moment I am using the DX style pedals that came stock with my Nimbus 36er and they are fairly decent, but I would like a bit more grip.

I have some Snafus on the way that I was going to put on my MUni but I might give them a try on my 36er and see what I think.

Using snafus

I have a set of snafus. Grippy and work well in wet, snow, and harsh conditions.

You guys are considering SPD’s? You must be a very confident cokeur.

You need to buy the Specialized Magnesium (the old black ones) pedals then.
I have them, and they are realy strong.
They only have realy litlle play on them.
Would recommend them to everyone if you still can buy them.

Peter M

I don’t want to knock snafu’s

But I do have a set that came with my 24 KH. I put an extra 70 grams on them with those plastic bumper things.

I replaced them on the muni with DMR mags. Half the weight, although maybe not enough to offset my “twice the lameness”, LOL. :roll_eyes:

So I tried the heavy snafu’s on my 36, and they were fine. Until I tried the 330 gram 8$ buggers ^ I flogged above,

The light pedals are way better. I especially feel it in my knees when decelerating. The grip on the dimensions is fine, so the extra grip of the snafu’s is not missed. Now the snafu’s are holding down a shelf , while I have been riding 8 $ plastics with a smile.

I think the snafu’s would be great when I (hopefully) get into pedal grabbing and really "smash the pedal "stuff.

For street riding on the “heavy cheap radial 360”, that I ride all the time, I really thought that pedal weight can’t matter.

But I know better now cause I have tried the different setups. I would only consider the snafu’s over the 8$ dimensions if I was a better rider doing muni. But not even then. By the time I got that good, I would put lighter pinned pedals on it, like I have on my 24.

For street riding on a 36, the grippy 8$ nylon pedals (grip in the rain) are very superior IMHO.

I’m not a very good rider, but I was scared of the plastics that came stock. It was obvious they were dangerous in the wet.

The dimension plastics have sharp hard teeth. They can’t be lumped with the stock soft plastic pedals.

I think anyone would feel their lightness right away. It is not a subtle effect.:slight_smile:

I have DMR V12 (magnesium) and really like them.

that’s what i am considering buying I currently have HEAVY Steel DX pedals on my coker…

I have tried those Slim Jims and the grip is totaly bad.
Maybe the pins were to short (seems like the pins on them were the longest) or maybe because it was on a bmx.

Peter M

I have slim jims on my XC 29er. There is much less grip on them than any of the other pedals I’ve tried. Having said that, nothing untoward has happened because of this.

Does it really make that much difference using slightly lighter pedals? I know that in theory the weight of the pedal contributes to wobble, but when combined with the weight of the rider’s shoe, foot and entire leg, which is all moving the same amount (OK, so the top of the thigh doesn’t move as much), I would have thought the difference between a relatively heavy pedal and a lighter magnesium one would be pretty insignificant. Same if you think of the pedal as general rotating mass, rather than wobble-inducing - saving 100g is nothing compared with the weight of a muni or coker wheel and tyre.

I’ve always used DMR V8s on my unis (muni and coker) because they’re extremely grippy (the most important thing to me) and reasonably priced. But they’re not particularly light.