What Now

OK ive been riding for 2 weeks can free mount ride a couple miles idle pretty good i can kind of idle with one foot if i hold on to something then let go and i can also hop u curbs and stairs but when goign up stairs loose balance on the first one i also can go backwards like 5 feet
what should i do now?

Try learning unispins. They’re fun once you get the feeling of learning them & they will suprise your friends 2. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Get better at hopping up stairs.

Be more proficient with hopping in general. Static and rolling.

Start riding skinnies. Thats fun. Wheel walking, one footed riding. Seat In Front (SIF).

Theres tons of freestyle stuff you can start learning, there plenty of trials lines you can start trying, there plenty of muni trails to ride, and there plenty of street variations to do.

I guess it depends on what you like most. If you like:

Street - learn street tricks
Muni - learn Muni tricks
Trials - learn trial tricks
Freestyle - learn freestyle tricks <-- this is my favourite :smiley:

There’s no stopping what the imagination and unicycling can do.

Merry X-mas my friend