what makes then good?

I have recently been reading allot about cranks, but what makes them good or not good for specific styles like what kind of cranks would you want for trials Ive herd KH moment are good but why??

so basically what quality’s should you look for in cranks??



I use 137mm KH moment cranks.

  1. They are really strong and I haven’t broke one yet
  2. There not extremely exspensive when you compare them with other BMX cranks.
  3. You can get them with double holes so 2 sized Cranks.
  4. THere ISIS
  5. There light!

Thats all I can think of. hope that helps. :slight_smile:

not so much.

They look cool too.:slight_smile:

Well I guess thats true But you can get heavier ones :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes they do look cool :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense, but if you highest hop is 26 cm…it doesn’t sound like your abilities would let you break one yet, but yes the are very strong, and I haven’t heard if ANYONE breaking them.

Cranks are like everything unicycle, PERSONAL PREFERENCE.
-strength and weight are inevitable, everyone wants light yet strong cranks.
-q-factor (the amount the cranks goes out or parallel from the hub/wheel) is a lot of preference, a lot of guys like tons of q, a lot like none. more q= more hopping stability, but more speed wobble.
-also the nubs near the axle can hit your ankles, which is a negative for some cranks, as other cranks may not have nubs.
-ISIS (International Spline Interface Standard) is a positive with most new cranks because in most cases in makes for strong axles, and very high crank/hub compatibility. Be aware though, as you will read on most retail websites, Koxx 1 ISIS is not true ISIS therefore doesn’t work with other ISIS components.
-different style rider often look for different things in cranks(for example a flat rider wouldn’t want rounded top cranks from what I’ve read, I don’t ride flat)
-desired length varies w/ riding style/riders desires

I hope this helps. I too have 137 Moments and for trials(my main focus) couldn’t say enough for them. They are not 125 speed machines, but I can get plenty fast for what I am doing, and more. they are very versatile for street, and flat(the bit i do)

I didn’t mean for this to sound mean, I hope you don’t take it that way.:o :frowning:
Sorry if you did.:o

it’s all good
but do you want differnt cranks for freestyle flat street …???

that was to Patsandy100
I cant tell you that…you’ll have to get a more diverse/skilled rider in that department(maybe some one who has tried more cranks for more disciplines)

No worries, I am having trouble getting higher because I only have a broken palet so its difficult to jump on cause it moves. Ive propped it up with bricks and some stuff to make it higher but its kinda dangerous :stuck_out_tongue: I am quiet happy I got 26cms yesterday But I really wonder how hi I can jump.

Most people use diffirent sized cranks and somtimes lighter cranks for freestyle. as its alot diffirent from touring, trials, muni etc etc. most street/flat is 125mm If I remember correctly. But remember im the guy who can only jump 26cm so dont take my word for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Something like that is what you should have put in the title.

High Q-factor is also good for control in slow to moderate speeds rolling over technical terrain. I personally like a lot of QF.

I really didn’t like the nubs on my DX cranks. I’d hit them all the time, so I ground them off. I never have that problem on my 10 spline Qu-Ax cranks that have significantly more QF, which is a nice bonus on top of the added control.

bit of a nooby question here but what is Q-Factor ?

I don’t mind the extra weight of moments because of their shape. Makes it much easier to land unispins, to grind ledges and to not hurt your ankles! Also it’s nioce to know they will never bend or break so you never have to worry about damaging them.

BTW Q factor is how far the crank flares outwards from the hub. I like a little Q factor so I don’t hit my ankles on the cranks. If you want to flatland tubular are the best because they have the biggest area to put your foot on. Otherwise moment cranks are awesome, except they are heavy.

Q-factor is the distance from pedal to pedal. Unless you’re riding an ultimate wheel, you have some amount of Q-factor. Some cranks have less (straight cranks) and some have more (flared cranks).

Unless they are near a pound heavier how is that going to make a difference? You muscles will adjust to anything like that as long as your put it out of your mind.