what makes kris holm moment cranks so good?

i was just thinking of switching to kris holm moment cranks and i was wondering what makes them better than all of the others. or is it just by opinion. :thinking:

It’s not by opinion. They are bombproof. These cranks are the strongest cranks I’ve ridden. But, they are heavy, if you’re not going to be crazy and do big stuff on your uni you can get something lighter. If you want to be 100% you wont break your cranks, get KHs.

You can use them as hammers! :smiley:

just wondering. does the I beam shape with double holes make them any weaker.?

You can trust both of them, they have tested these under some harsh conditions. :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer your initial question, what makes the Moments so strong is firstly the fact that they are ISIS (International Splined Interface Standard), as opposed to square tapered or cottered cranks, which you usually find on learner/freestyle unicycles. Also, the construction of the crank itself makes it strong : it is a beefy, square-ish, chunk of metal (it is full of metal inside, instead of empty as in a tubular crank).

EDIT : To answer your second question, yes it does. It has to make them weaker, but whatever you are going to do with the dual hole cranks, it is never going to be to the point where you will break them. There is no worry at all to have, people have even drilled extra holes and removed some material inside without having any structural damages done to the cranks.

i was wondering if anybody has ever ridden any other types of cranks, and how do the moments feel any different from the ventures, knoxs, other nimbus cranks, and or impact.

At that point, it is mostly personal preferences. Usually, what makes the greatest difference in cranks is the length, the weight, the q-factor (angle of deviation of the crank from the hub) and the shape (tubular or square (square is not the right word, but I can’t find it at the moment)), which are all personal determinants.

It will also depend on the type of riding you intend to do, but Moments are, from my personal experience, very versatile. I have used them, in different length of course, for distance, muni, street, flatland and trials and have always been pleased.

Some will say they prefer Mad4One, Qu-Ax, Koxx-One, Nimbus or whatever, so once again, it is down to personal preference. What you need to know is simply that they are bombproof, and not that expensive.

EDIT : Oh, and for your question about comparison, I have ridden for a while with Ventures, Koxx-One, Qu-Ax and Moments. Unfortunatly, I can’t really help you since I couldn’t even tell the difference between those, except for the length. :o

thank you

It’s the secret sauce. mmmm.

Hugo summed it really good!

Once again moments are the best value for the price. They have steel pedal inserts that makes them super strong for all types of pedals. They are a simple design as well. As Hugo stated they have a Q-factor that makes your feet and ankles stay away from the cranks. This is nice for when learning tricks, although there are also the downsides of this. Also like Hugo stated cranks are all about preference, I have yet to see anyone that dislikes moments though. Only downside is that they are heavy. I have drilled holes in my moments and they are going strong still!

My preference on cranks are the cranks from Mad4one. They are straight cranks, light and super strong! The no q-factor takes some getting use to but once you get use to it you will love it! You feel like you have more control over the unicycle. This is all my own opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


Because they are (were) overbuilt. Some pics of my drilled Moments, 165’s with 1/2" holes.

2012-07-27 b.jpg

2012-07-27  a.jpg

Are moments stronger than mad4one?

KH Moments are so strong that Chuck Norris quivers in fear at the mere mention of their existence.

Edit: sorry just noticed the bad English comment; you might not understand the Chuck Norris joke. I haven’t tried the other cranks, but I think the Moments are about the strongest cranks around.

The nimbus venture cranks are pretty strong, though they are aluminum. They have a flat top which is goof for rolling and stability, and they don’t bend outward like the Kris holm so they are faster then moments(well if they were the same side)

Moments are good at everything! strong good for trials and flat and good for multi use!

how much less do they weigh?

I could tell the difference holding drilled and undrilled, but didn’t weigh them.