What kind of hub is this?

I was looking at munis and I saw this, what kind of hub is it?

It looks like profile cranks and it looks like a cotterless hub.




I believe thoes cranks fit on the 2004 KH hub.

ohh i see…but the hub looks cotterless.

It was made by DM, it was one of the first splined uni hubs.

Yeah, just look at the cranks…there’s a pinch bolt on them. Square taper hub/cranks wouldn’t (couldn’t?) have a pinch bolt.

If I were a betting man I’d lay money on it that it’s one of these:

im pretty sure its not, because the unicycle is described as splined in the product description on UDC

I already told you guys what it is. It was a hub made by DM, one of the first splined uni hubs on the market and its no longer produced.


Seems like no one listens really anymore. Ive been noticing a lot of people will answer the question perfectly, but after that, more people keep posting wrong info and the thread keeps going. Its sad really.

Please tell me if I do this.

Ill keep an eye out on you. lol

Actually, I think im gonna make a thread about it.

I like that Unicycle, if it wasn’t for the price I would actually buy it.

In our defense, Jerrick, a few of us were corroborating Brian’s response. I simply mentioned how Isaac might tell that it was a splined hub. Then, it appears Tyler gave some specs on the hub. Further information is always nice, and the fact that a few people agree adds to its credibility.

Furthermore, people adding further replies to a thread that “has already been answered” may not believe that it has been answered, or answered correctly. That makes it not an issue of reading the thread, but rather an issue of disagreeing with the answer provided. If they are providing misinformation, that is an entirely different issue, but one that is not as easily addressed by getting annoyed at them :slight_smile: .

I’d buy a lot of things, if it weren’t for the price.

it says “splined hub” on the specs…

Go here.

Yeah I would have a uni in every size if it wasn’t for the price.:wink:

Ok, if it was a reasonable price.

I wasn’t wrong or being random, it says on the site that the hub is splined.