What is this worth

How much are nimbus muni’s 24" with kris holm cranks worth used? Thanks for the replies

Depends on the condition.

If an item is like new, almost perfect. I will usually try to sell it for 80% of the current value (the 80% includes your shipping cost)

If it’s used, but has no problems (like no broken frame etc) I’ll usually try to sell the item for 50-60% of its current value.

and if it’s really beat up, or is broken, you will have to determine how damaged it really is and adjust your price.

You can always post pics and info, and request people make offers, but people will low ball you, it’s in human nature.

I say current value, because no one cares how much you payed for it, all that matters is how much it is worth currently.

Heads up, Bluesman may be looking for a muni :wink:

For sale pricing varies greatly depending on market demand, but I’d say 50-60% of new/sale pricing.