What is this uni? They are asking $150

They say it’s vintage, any experts have thoughts one what this is?

That looks like a 1980’s era Schwinn that was buried in someone’s backyard for several years. I would say it has a real value of $0. It needs to be returned to the landfill.

It’s Worth?

Sir!, Your calculations, and disposition are correct.

 P.S. do not get cut by this!

hahaha 150 euro. An Only One uni for 90 eur rides better than that old thing

What!? Does that person think it is an artifact? I would charge them $50 to dispose of it properly as Harper has suggested.

Many items go from useful items, to discardable junk, to interesting collectable vintage antiques. The interesting collectable vintage antiques are not necessarily used for their original purpose but just displayed as a reminder of past times and a hard life. This uni is getting to the interesting collectable stage in life.


You mean that only collectors who don’t ride themselves will pay 150$ for it?

I’ll tell you what it isn’t: $150.

It also isn’t a Schwinn. I can’t make out much detail, but that wheel definitely has 36 spokes. Schwinns had 28. Also it’s been painted silver (a long time ago). I think the rim was painted too.

It’s possible that this is a Loyd unicycle from the 60s. Loyd Wicker Smith made these unicycles in Arizona, and Schwinn took an interest. I wonder how much Loyd got for Schwinn’s purchase (or license or whatever) of intellectual property?

I have a Loyd in my garage, which I found on eBay. I think it’s mostly original, but unsure about the pedals. It has 36 spokes. It has an evil-looking leather bicycle saddle. That has been replaced with a common 1970s Messenger seat. the seatpost might be the original one.

The person asking $150 for a whupped up piece of junk should take more pictures, so we can have more to say about it. It does look pretty rustic, and it’s the kind of thing that would look good up on the wall, or ceiling, of an eclectic restaurant or bar. I would offer the guy $50 at the most.

Even collectors that do ride may pay a little for antiques unicycles: