What is the optimal T-bar setup?

Hi All,

I’d love to get your advise (including images if possible) regarding the setup of your T-bar on your 29ers/ 36ers.
I am trying to find the best angle/ state, but it’s a trial and error process that may be redundant if I could use your experience regarding it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Id say its all personal preference and what works for you for your specific style of riding. Trial and error is how I established what works for me

For riding on the road with my 36er, I like the handle extended pretty far and angled low so that I can lean on it with my arms almost straight.

Yes, I guess it make sense - but on the other hand I thought that maybe there is a certain riding position that is better/ easier in general for holding the T-bar with both hands.

I am not sure it is correct, but in several tries I made it seemed to me that it was easier to hold the T-bar with both hands when the body is bent forward than when sitting up straight.

Could it be the key to sort out this issue for me?

That’s funny, I was just writing my previous reply during the time you submitted yours and that sound alike my assumption (said in my previous reply).

The thing is that I am new to the 36er and to riding with T-bar, so my fear is that I may lose control when I will sit in bent forward position.

What do you think I should do?


Good observation; to get that forward bend while having support you can either extend the bar to put the handles far away or have them closer but lower so you reach more down than forward. I’ve come to prefer the latter.

Until recently I was using Nimbus Shadow setup like this:

I’ve now moved to a handle setup closer to the off-road biased T-bar setup on my 29er but replaced the standard bar ends with some drop bar ends. These give the forward leaning position when really cranking, a bit more upright position for slower speeds, and a control position for braking. This looks a bit funny but has turned out to be a fantastic setup for mixed riding.


Wow, thanks a lot for detailed info and pics - I will try setting my T-bar accordingly and see how it goes.
I will be out for another training in a couple of hours and I can’t wait to try this.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: