What is the ideal 36" guni frame/handle combo

I am exploring building a distance/all around frame for a 36" guni. From my experience, for climbing and off road I like minimal designs (less handle and frame), but for long distance I am very interested in a handle setup.

My first inclination is the v frame design using Hunter style 4130 bent tubing with a Moulton style space frame bracing to save weight, yet be strong, while also using materials that are less expensive and easier to repair on a tour.

Another perspective is to do a super light titanium or aluminum setup, but I think the KH is pretty good already. Maybe a lighter handle is best here… I wonder if any significant weight can be saved without reducing longevity.

I haven’t logged any serious miles on a unicycle in a while, but am excited to put together a Schlumpf 36" and learn to ride again.


This is a great question with a thousand right answers. Check out this thread that Ken started. It’s got loads of different designs and twice as many ideas about what makes for a good 36 guni distance setup. Happy reading!