what is the farthest you have rode

i can ride 200 metres but i only started riding three days ago i learnt in two. is that good?

Wow, that’s awesome!
It took me 5 weeks to learn to ride :o
The farthest I have ridden is 30 miles on my 26"

that is so far any tips for me

ride as often as you can. The more you ride the more endurance you build up and the farther you can go. Also depends on your unicycle though. a cheap learner unicycle will not be comfortable to ride more than a few miles. Back on topic. The farthest I have ridden is 65 miles on my 36" uni

use the search function : P

lol, I wouldn’t be worried about distances right now if you started a few days ago, build up some skills first, and do some forum hunting. . . . then go get a 36er and take to the streets (or MUPs) : P

right now you’re probably still putting a lot of weight on the pedals, try putting a little more weight on the seat, and you should be able to get a little farther . . . it was a problem when I first started anyway. It also helps to raise the seat to as high as you can and still ride comfortably. Other than that, just keep plugging at it.

I haven’t done more than 20 miles at a time on my 36er, but that’s about to change. I’m planning an 80 mile ride very soon, as soon as the weather warms up a bit. The silver comet is AWESOME for stuff like that. I may even make it a 100 mile ride just to say I’ve done it. : )

the one i have is a 20 inch trials uni


I’ve done 250 miles on a five day trip- most days averaged to about 65 miles, except for the climbs and the last day. We were riding in California from South Lake Tahoe to San Francisco. Believe you me, it’s awesome to literally ride across the state.

(By the by, if anyone wants to do a long distance ride AND raise money for performing arts programs of high schools, check out UnicycleForTheArts.com. We’re riding again in June, and are looking for more participants!)

52kms I think on my Coker, with like 2 dismounts:p

I watched day 1-5 of your trip. What a great experience. I can’t believe you guys did that WEARING BLUE JEANS! Were you wearing bike shorts underneath or were you just numb? Ow.

yes 200m is good.

It is all relative. I could not do 200m after riding the amount of time you have. Now, a few years later, I can ride 200m easier than I can walk or run that distance. I have also succeeded in doing one or two miles more now non-stop. Distance riding is fun.

Keep on going. :slight_smile:


I wore bike shorts, but Alex didn’t. We were both pretty sore for a couple days. =P

We’re both so glad we did it, and this year, we plan to get as many riders to ride with us as we can, with most expenses paid, and especially get all we can to cross the Golden Gate at the end. We’re hoping that we can raise awareness of the cause and get some more momentum for the ride and make things happen! =D

I rode 5 3/4 miles from my house to my school on my 20" Torker LX.(was a dare)

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What is the farthest you have ridden?

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