What is the best crank for a moderatly good rider?

What is better for a moderatly good rider the koxx-one isis 140mm reinforced or the isis 140mm light? Whats stronger? What would be a better choice for me i will have been riding for 1 year in august?

The Koxx-one ISIS Reinforced are the stronger. If I was you, I would get the Reinforced cranks. Do you have a Koxx-one uni? because if not, the Koxx-one cranks probably wont fit on your unicycle.

KH cranks are better, people have messed up Koxx, but the only thing that happens to the KH cranks is that the inserts come loose.

Go with 137mm KH Moments. I don’t know anybody who has bent them. They’re so strong.

Can’t go wrong with 'em.


+1 to that.
watch the end of my video “fun” if you need further proof.

KH cranks are better, but between Koxx-one reinforced and Koxx-one light cranks, the reinforced are better. If you want your cranks for the rest of your life, get the KH :smiley:

Ya I have a Koxx-one flight but i need cranks.

Im a little more of a trials rider but still do alot of street stuff. My biggest stair drop is 9. But i want light cranks but im not sure if its worth it if there going to break? What would be a better option?

trust them u want moments

Do moments work with koxx one flights?

Cuz if they don’t wud the regulur koxx crank or the light one be better???

koxx one light, lighter than KH cranks, I don’t know anyone who has bent them. Onza tensiles are wicked nice too.


Yes, but not perfectly. You will end up with a wider stance. I have used both Qu-Ax CrMo and KH Moments on a k1 hub… it works but it is not perfect and you have to make some custom spacers.

How heavy are you? The street cranks are pretty light, however they are more bendy then solid aluminum cranks. There are some new K1 cranks coming out, both street and trials. The street cranks look closer to being released. However no one seems to know when either will be out.

It says “september” so I geuss september?

…Thanks? haha. not sure how I missed that.

Im 125 pounds. but im ordering my flight from renegade juggling but i need quick cranks so i can ride until i can get better cranks would wud be best out of isis 140mm light or isis 140mm reinforced?

Personally I would get the 135 street cranks, but I am not a trials rider, my second choice would be the light cranks. At 125 lbs you should not have problems with any high end cranks.

you said you have a flight uni, am i right this has light cranks?
#if so, i would keep them till they break, then if an upgrade is neccessary, get the reinforced ones. (or KH moments but i dont know how well they work with koxx hubs)

see the thing is i want cranks that i dont have to upgrade or replace thats why im asking?