what is a crank flip and how to do it?

i have heard that term crankflip many times and im starting to wonder wtf it is and how to do it any help would be apreceiated

Basically where you jump up and spin the pedals, then remove your feet from the pedals, let them spin a complete 360 degrees, then land back on them as the wheel hits the ground again and then ride off.

Like this:


Video courtesy of Skate4flip; I can’t do those. :stuck_out_tongue:

a crankflip is when you kick the pedals forward or backward and they spin 1 or more revolutions without your feet on them.

I do one of them in this video over the rail (im not the greatest at them).


Theres another video called Crankflip Video in my gallery too.

To do one (this is how to do a forward one), just ride forward slowly and then as you jump into the air kick the front pedal so it spins and take both feet off. When the pedals are horiztonal again bring your feet down and land back on the pedals. It takes a while to figure out the timing, and how hard to flip the cranks.

EDIT: dude that has a sock posted the crankflip video of me. Some of the flips in that video arent quite full. the link i posted has a good one.

Skate made a good point that I forgot - the cranks have to make a minimum of 360 degrees in their turn. It is possible to do 720 degrees, though to my knowledge (which is really a lot of ignorance too), only Shaun Johanneson has ever pulled one off.

Here are some of my early flips. There is a 180 flip in there somewhere too. link

Sometimes I wish i could do crankflips. It would be a cool trick to learn. KH.

haha. Right…

1st in Oklahoma 2 land a crankflip.

Whenever i try to do a crankflip my flipping foot just stays on and i end up doing a 1 footed half rev, any help?

Think of the push as a quick tap. Push down a little and suck your foot back up as high as you can. If you just push down normally and don’t try to pull your foot back in the air then it will stay on the whole time. Watch some crankflips in slow motion and you will probably see it.

Thanks spencer. I’m gonna go practice.

Shaun’s also landed a 1080… Tomsey and maybe others have landed 720s.

Nice thread title.

A crankflip is something John Childs has for breakfast.

Hahahahaha, oh that’s a good call :smiley: