What i learned today (should have relized a lond time ago)

i was riding my BC wheel and i realized if i lift one foot i can get more stability but less control so i could go faster, i was hauling down the street and lost all control and within 1/2 a second i was on the ground and had no time to react. i landed right on my right foot and twisted it weird

Get it on video?

Interesting how lifting a foot up from a BC wheel made you more stable.

yea. very interesting…

sounds odd and intense. Can anyone confirm how fast exactly you can actually go on one of those? I am interested. I am also a downhill skateboarder and I like the thrill of 45-60mph down a mountain road. tee hee that must be fun to do on let alone one wheel haha.

Edit: not for that to come off like a stupid question.

I dont know how fast anyone has gone on one. Im guesing around 20mph.

Most of the videos I see though, they use a skate mount, and dont ride to far before they do a trick, so their speed isnt too high. I wonder what Spencer or Evan will say on this? They have rode BCs a lot, so they might have clocked their speed at one time or another.

Evan did once, I don’t remember what his max speed was…I think it was around 18-20mph. I can ask him later.
As for me, I don’t like going fast on a bc. It scares me.

And I don’t see how taking one foot off makes it more stable either. I know if you put most of your weight in one foot the wheel will lean into your leg and then its easier to stay balanced. When that happens you slow down, not go faster so I don’t know what he means.

when i lifted one foot off i could use it to get the back and fourth balance better instead of leaning forward and back to balence