What happens if I install a wire-bead tyre on a hookless rim?

I’m ordering a 26" carbon rim and the manufacturer told me they may only offer a hookless model. The thing is I’d like to reuse my Maxxis Hookworm tyre on it, which has wired bead, and I always prefer to pump it to the max psi. Could the hooklessness be a problem to me?

To my knowledge you should be fine. Like, I just did this yesterday.

We talkin’ hookless like the bottom rim profile here? If so, you are good.

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Thanks Ryan! Yes it’s exactly the same as shown on the picture.

It seems nowadays most rims are hookless (to be tubeless-compatible I suppose?), what would be the benefit of getting a hookful rim?

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I thought I read somewhere that hooks were for maintaining really high tire pressures. I am pretty sure you need hook compatible tires too. Otherwise I do not know and we will have to hear from those more knowledgeable on the subject.

And yeah, my findings are hookless are far more common for rims I was looking at.

Isn’t “hook compatible” tyres those with wired beads?

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Might be, not sure.

Unless someone in the forum has tried the exact rim(width)/tire/psi combo there is no clear answer as I suppose that the Hookworm clincher tire was not designed for hookless use. It might work but there are many factors.

Use ear plugs while inflating as it might blowout. Leave it inflated for a while before riding. If the tire looks evenly seated in the rim then it will hopefully stay like that.

Light bicycle has a long story about the subject


Thanks Hammer, that’s a great read.

I finally pulled my trigger on a Maxxis DTH 26x2.3 foldable, not only it’s a safer choice on a hookless rim, but also it’s ~500g lighter than the Hookworm. We’ll see how the wheel turns out!