What goes into a sidehop?

I was wondering. Is a sidehop like how long you have been doing it or is it size. Because i have done 54cm but now im only doing 45cm. I dont know if I am not practicing it enought or what like im only 4’ 11" so when im like 5’4" or something what should I be able to do.

I have a cousin who has just a regular unicycle and usally just cruises around and some hops. And tonight he was on my cousins KH20 and did 45cm. He is like 5’5".

So i just dont know. So when im 5’4" how high do you think I will be able to hop?



the hight you will be might increase a little but it is more of the time you spend practicing.

Yea basically what he said. Also I found for me it was a big confidence issue I was kind of scared to land at a low angle, but once I overcame that mine have got a lot better. Also for side hopping sets etc… I find that to more confidence than anything like I have done a 7 set before a couple times, but the fear normally makes me mess up my compression or I just don’t pull enough. One last thing tucking it close to your body helps. I bet if you practiced enough when your 5’5 or even now you could get some monster(6.5ft=) ones that is only a (your height)couple inches shorter than skrobo I think so keep that in mind. You will probably have to build up muscle in your legs of course, but that comes with practice.

I agree with torkerdx, as you get bigger you may be able to jump a little higher but it is most certainly 90% practice and technique. There are plenty of small riders who can jump way higher than larger riders.

with awsome technique, over a meter…

with horrible technique, around 10cm

EX: Xavier Collos

I agree its all about form and practice


When you are taller you have more leverage and w/ SIF you can pull the uni up higher. But when you’re bigger you’ll have more weight to pull up.

If you can jump higher when you’re taller, I agree that it will be at least 90% do to improved technique from practice. Hop up lots of stairs two, three, and four at a time.

One of the biggest things, that someone already said, but I’ll reinforce is confidence. Tell yourself that you can do it, convince your mind that what ever you’re hopping on is not as big as your mind wants you to think because of a lack of confidence.

A hop is basically you pulling your knees up to your chest. This is what’s called tuck. What helps you be able to tuck the uni underneath you is your sense of timing. As Zack Baldwin used to say, it’s all about TUCK and TIMING. The quicker you force compression (the push off from the ground you make before you go into the air), and then suck the uni up under you, the higher you’ll go more than likely.

The more you practice, the better your sense of timing gets.

When you start hopping onto bigger stuff, get that extra boost with a pre-hop.

NOTE: this is all for SIF hopping. I’m not sure how you hop.

The above part about timing and commpression is very true. I’m a good example of it too. I am able to tuck the wheel all the way until it touches my butt, however I can only manage a 2’-2’2" regularly. For the past week, I have realized that i need to work on commpresing my tire fully, and then springing up immediately instead of hanging out for a split second and then tucking. Just a quarter of a second even can make all that difference.

The same goes for rolling SI hops, but you pull the uni forward and up.

Some people jump the highest this way. I think there is more height potential w/ a SIF side hop and a prehop for compression.

Both demonstrated the Fluck vid I just put in another thread.

technique mostle like leaning sidways or prehops :stuck_out_tongue:

what really helps me is making sure I come off my pre hop at the right time for the maximum air, makes about a 2 inch difference in my hop.