what elbow guards?

I’m thinking about getting some elbow/forarm guards (like the 661 2x4s). I’m sure someone at BMW mentioned that they can get in the way of wrist guards. Can anyone recommend some that will work with wrist guards?


I had a pair of roach elbow pads and they are like the 661 2x4s and they were to long and overlaped with my wrist guards and they were stiff and made it so you couldn’t straighten your arm so I never wore them. After I fell and scraped my elbow I bought a pair of Fox new comp elbow pads and I like them a lot they have a two piece plastic outer shell and they aren’t bulky like roler blade type elbow pads and no straps to deal with you just pull them on and they stay in place. I got them from price point for $25 and they have the old Fox comp elbow pads for $15 which look similar.

why do you need wrist guards anyway? I have never had a problem with my wrists unicycling, as far as im concerned you dont need them. If i were going to reccomend arm guards it would definently be the sixsixones

I wear wrist guard because I don’t want to injur or break a wrist I wear harbinger wrist guards and I have ground a lot of plastic off of them and taken a lot of impacts with them and have never injured a wrist. Protective gear is a personal choice and if gloves work well for you I would stick with them, a lot of muni riders wear cycling gloves. I just have kind of gimpy wrists and have sprained them in the past and I like the protection that wrist guards give. Kris Holm wears full finger cycling gloves that he has sewn a pair of harbinger wrist wraps to for more support, but the question was what elbow guards work with wrist guards not should I wear wrist guards, and the 661s don’t work well with wrist guards.

False. Some people complain that the 661’s are too short (hence, very good with wrist guards). I wear gloves (and sometimes wrist guards with my 661’s). For me, the 661’s do not touch the wrist guards - I actually have an inch (or more) clearence. One of the members has a “product review site” and when you read the reviews on it - you will find support for my opinion.
I highly recommend them and think you may have been misinformed.

This could be, I had a pair of roach elbow pads and they are definitly to long, and I hated the way they restricted my elbow movement, it bothered me that I couldn’t straighten my arm all the way. even after I modified them by cutting off a couple of inches off the bottom, I still didn’t wear them. I think the 661s are still kind of long and may interfere with wrist guards depending on how long your arms are.

hey dan wilson, were you at the bananna belt in salida last year doing some trials on the setup they had?? you had your dog and another lady was unicycling too. I was there but my uni was at our freinds house and I didnt bring any padding, I should have said hi!

No, that was Jon and Kattie Sapp they are also a telluriders though, If you are going to be near telluride contact me and we will get together and do some rides, I don’t think that Kris Holm will be here this memorial day weekend but Nathan Hover and family will be and Its when the gondola begins summer operation, It’s pointless to come any sooner as the snow needs to melt before the serious trails are open. Are you in Salida?


I noticed that Jenson USA has 661 2x4’s on sale for $17.00. They are closing them out and only have small left, unfortunately. Does the size matter that much (I’m a short guy and got the larges of the leg armor, and it sounds like the leg armor sizing doesn’t make that much difference).

And I’m going to start wearing a wrist guard on my left wrist (I won it at Moab) because I’ve repeatedly hurt my wrist from falling. Not major crashes, just UPD’s where I catch myself with my hands (the most recent was during the Pecking Order event at Moab). In my case, it doesn’t take much to aggravate my wrist.

No I dont live in salida but I visit there quite often ( twice or once a month) what do you mean by kris holm being there?? are you going to the bananna belt this year??

Memorial day weekend is the Telluride mountain film festival and Kris has had a film in the festival for the last three years and has been a guest of the festival, and last year Nathan was also a guest for Into The Thunder Dragon, but this year I don’t think he has a film to present. It has been fun riding with him each year and I hope he will be atending the festival anyway. When is the bananna belt? I doubt if I can make it but I will be at the nationals in SLC.