What does the "DD" in the Impact Unicycles logo stand for?

I’ve been asked this by quite a few people while wearing the logo t-shirt. I don’t know myself and I’m wondering if any of y’all do. Is it even two "D"s or is it just two “D” shaped objects crashing together, on account of the name Impact?

impact unis

Please help me solve this mystery.

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The company was originally supposed to be called Addict, but then they had to change name due to some copyright/trademark laws (some bike manufacturer was not happy about it).
But at that point the logo was already made and the first products with that branding were out, so they kept it, despite the two opposing Ds not making much sense anymore.

Fun fact: The name “addict” falls in line with the founder Yoggi naming unicycles with drug/weed related names when he was at koxx one for years.


I would think the bike company would be Scott and their Addict road bike.

Looks like that model first came out in 2007; not sure if that’s early enough though.

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It reminds me of a broken bone or dislocated joint.

Seems appropriate for a trials brand.


I knew the history of it being the two D’s but I’ve also always thought it looks a bit like two pedals.

I know what it stands for. I miss her so much but it was not to be.

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