What do you think of this Chinese 35.4er?

I came across this almost-a-36er on Amazon and was just wondering if anyone knows anything about it or has any opinions on it.

“LIMINGZE Adult Unicycle Heavy-Duty with Brake Anti-Skid Marathon Mountain Tires with Adjustable Height”

From their description:

“Unicycle bike features strong manganese steel frame; Thickened aluminum alloy rim for better support.”

It’s made by this company:

I don’t know about that, especially for the price. Everyone I’ve talked to in bikes and unis say disc brakes are preferable, though I recomend dismounting wherever you’re uncomfortable. Does it come with the handle or not? I ordered the KH 36er from UDCUK for 880$, no shipping, no VAT.

Never seen this before. Looks like you get roughly a UDC Titan 36" (or something slightly nicer), but without anyone to talk to in your language if you encounter issues, or have questions. The frame with V-Brake mounts actually looks good (but also looks like aluminum, not steel), square taper cranks is okay but not great.
I bet you it’s a 36" and they had no clue how to measure tires and wheelsizes and took a tape measure to it.


I’ll paste this unicycle’s info here so it’s never lost if Amazon’s link expires in the future:

LIMINGZE Adult Unicycle Heavy-Duty with Brake Anti-Skid Marathon Mountain Tires with Adjustable Height


Bike Type Mountain Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Size Size
Color Color

About this item

  • for People Height from 160-195cm (63"-77"), Weight limit: 150kg/330Lbs
  • With brakes: Prevent excessive and uncontrolled twisting while riding and to immediately stop the bike, protecting your from falling
  • Sturdy & Durable: Unicycle bike features strong manganese steel frame; Thickened aluminum alloy rim for better support.
  • Anti-slip Design: Skid proof outer tire and pedal to prevent slipping. Skid proof Seat handle for beginner to grab onto while riding.
  • Easy to Assembly: Quick release seat post clamp and a wrench comes with the unicycle, completes installation in minutes and get ready.


I just have one thing to say. There has not been a shortage during the pandemic of unicycles and unicycle parts because Nimbus an KH are made in the USA or Europe . There is a shortage because they are made in China. These are probably coming out of the same factories. Although I will say this is obscenely expensive for out dated components.

A UDC titan is tried and true for 1/3 of the price and are available right now. And of course the oracles and night foxes are available also and are still cheaper

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What I would really be interested in is the stand it is displayed on. I have never been able to find one that would support larger wheel unicycles

UDC (Nimbus) and KH unicycles are made in Taiwan.

On the original unicycle, this looks quite like the Knight 36". Perhaps identical?

It doesn’t show me a price (probably because I’m not in the US), can anyone tell me what it is?

*Taiwan (and this one is probaby made there too). As are most bicycles. Even if they come from the exact same factory (which I’d doubt), there is still a difference between buying a name brand in a store with a reputation and ordering one from a random amazon seller.

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Agreed. If it was cheeper as entry level unicycle that would be one thing. Although choosing a 36er for entry level would be a bit insane. $1596.00 is the price
Comparison prices from udc USA:
Titan. $500.00
Oracle. $900.00
Night fox $750.00

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I challenge you to take your tape measure :straight_ruler: and measure your or any other so-called 36er! :wink:

I love how they’ve added a brake, but then not bothered to actually give the user any way to mount it.
Do they sell some weird bars for it too?

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It shows $1,596.99 USD.

Wow do they do discount for bulk buys!

Not just any old brake though. That’s an imitation V-brake! Pretty cutting edge back in the 1990’s. Personally I prefer a spoon brake.

:laughing: bonkers.
Can’t imagine why it has zero reviews so far.

One of the pictures shows what looks like a cross between a shadow handle and a q-handle. It looks alright actually. Not sure about how it’s attached to the seat post though.

Amazon recommendations are funny sometimes

Can you imagine trying to learn to ride with that unicycle and book?


It looks like there might have been some PhotoShop action going down with the picture with the handlebar since the brake cable seems to just stop and is not actually connected to the V-brake…-- maybe it is cunningly bent and hidden behind the wheel though. The handlebar doesn’t really look like it is in the proper plane either – maybe I’m just being cynical though!

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The brake cable is on this side of the wheel, it’s just black on black so hard to see.

I think the fact they’ve managed to get it to stand up with what appears to be a 20" unicycle stand is impressive though.

And Taiwan has had hardly any Covid cases. There are just global supply issues of materials.