what do you think about this trial-uni?

I have only a photo of it, so no further specs.

What do you think about this unicycle? What are the negative points?
greets from Belgium,

I don’t have this uni myself, but some people on the german forum liked it.
They found it to be light, cheap and good quality.
There used to be problems with the quality of the hub, but I think they use suze.
If you’re considering getting this uni, ask the vendor about the hub first.


ah? :thinking:

plenty of good answers over there.

Pretty good )==%==O

Looks like a pretty good Tuni…tho you’d definately want a good firm seat with a front handle to bear weight upon for drops. Maybe put in a quick-release handle to do some different mounts with.

-sara )==%==O

Please dont use Tuni it quite possibly is the stupidist thing I have ever heard.

I have never seen this uni so I dont know how good it is…

It does have an interesting spoke pattern though… looks like a 48 spoke?

is a qu-ax muni

Hello @ all.

The blue Trial/ MUNI is a qu-ax MUNI.

The new munis are better.

Please follow this link www.qu-ax.com

Greetings from Switzerland



Picture: The new munis from qu-ax