What do you Love? Hate? about unicycling.


Hate: Takes me awhile to warm up and get ready. I get bored quickly. No one rides around here.

Love: The people that ride, the friends via internet, the tricks, the speed (not too fast), the convience of uni size, the good times had with other riders.

Love: Everything about it.

Hate: Absolutely NOTHIN’, say it again!

love: fun, always stuff to work on/do

hate: broken equipment, espically PEDALS, frustration

Love: The Challenge, Uniqueness, Attention

Hate: Numb Crotch(on long rides)

love: everything about it!!!

hate: when i get bored cause no one is there to ride with, or i ride long distances on my 20-inch sun uni with a bad seat for riding on, soreness!!!

Love: distance riding. landing a trick thats I haven’t been able to land in FOREVER. falling off.

Hate: no one around here rides much. expensiveness of new unis. broken parts. crotch numbness.

oh, i aslo hate that im letting a friend barrow my uni to learn on it, everytime i get the urge to ride i look over to the spot i usally have it sitting at, and its not there.

But it is worth it cause if i help someone else learn how to ride thats better than a day of me doing great riding, so i technically dont hate it at all lol

I love muni and trials and long weekend rides on my coker.

I hate that there aren’t any uni-ers in my area! At least none that I know of.:frowning:

What I love… the sport how it’s so little… how you can be tech or old shcool or a bit of both… the friends via the net… how you can kno the pro’s unlike skateboarding… what I dont like… when the king is pissed and wants to quit cauz he brakes his spokes !!!

love: everything

hate: my crotch being numb and hurting when i land a trick wrong or rideing really long… :astonished:

Love: It’s sweet!

Hate: I suck…

Love: having fun and landing new stuff

Hate: hurting myself

Love: Everything except switching back to my old saddle on my learner uni :stuck_out_tongue:

love: the challenges, the uniqness, so much more of a variety of tricks, good friends to ride with.

hate: dont hav the determination to ride as much wen u dont have a mate to ride with… and annoying comments from non-riders

Love: Seamlessly going into backwards riding to shadow an opposing UniHoki player and eventually take the ball from them and lay it off in a defense-splitting pass that plays a teammate into space.
(Or, at least, I’m sure I will love it when it happens…)

Hate: People who still can’t spell UniHoki.

i love my unicycle, my trialzone and unicyclistsfriends and streets videos
i hate pedals in legs, my spine, the KH price and try all seat tube

I love: The gasps of amazemnet as i ride past non riders, the feeling of satisfaction after learning new things, Filming and editing videos.

I hate: Riding on my own (i only know 3 other unicyclists around here, and they are never available for riding when i am!) The human nervous system!

love going cool places on my MUni
and cool tricks, though i can’t do too many, also how if u come back after a while, and are better before when u rode for ages, the attention,
and i also love all u guys on unicyclist.com:smiley:

hate, being paranoid about uni, and funny noises that are normal, but i exaggerate, and broken stuff. or putting it all together wrong

love: the zen of it
hate: progress damnedly slow, people watching as I am missing my freemounts

love: Reaction in skateparks, the different view outside (if something is rideable), the events
hate: I’m unable to ride (a torn ligament), some reactions, organizing meetings