What did I just buy?

I just purchased a markingless 24" uni. The only words of any kind are “made in taiwan” on the crank and “Cheng Shen” on the tire. The fork is tubular, just like a mountain bike. Is this a Wallymart brand?

picture? probs just a no brander.

Sorry, I don’t have access to a camera. I’m guessing this uni is a low end, entry level, or whatever is the right lingo for the cheapest of the cheap because the fork seems to be crudely attached to the wheel.The two bolts for attaching the fork to the wheel are sticking out right next to the axle, near the crank. The uni was an impulse buy; I had no idea if it was a good deal or not. However, the uni is very clean. There is a puncture on the saddle, and that’s the only flaw. It’s been barely ridden. I paid $80 for it. How did I do?

depends if you’re talking us dollars or aus dollars. lol.
if you bought it off ebay or something, link us to it? or did you buy it from sometone you know?

Oh yeah, welcome to the forums! Have fun!

That was American dollars. It looks almost exactly like this one except there is steel guard on the bottle of my saddle:

A website is selling a brand new one for the same price that I paid for a used one. That means I paid too much. :frowning: Oh well, as long as I don’t kill myself trying to figure out how to ride this thing, I should be satisfy.

Oooh, lollypop bearing caps even :stuck_out_tongue:
Either way, your bound to have fun! Welcome!

Well, i dont know too much about this stuff, but i think its pretty hard to break any unicycle if your not jumping off of anything, but if you are, then i dunno :stuck_out_tongue:

meh thats an all right deal. SCORE!
enjoy it.

omg lol that almost the exact same as my first uni! I had no problems with the lolly pop bearing holders, and i was hoping 20" and dropping almost 4ft lol

yeah lol omg hahaha. Maybe he doesn’t weigh 80lbs:)

I think you got ripped off. $80US for that hunk of junk?
At my LBS, you can buy a norco with a dx32 rim and good quality square taper cranks for a $100CAD.

lol ya I’m over 100 now though;)
I had the uni you are talking about too. The cranks are horribly bent, and the hub is twisted to shit. But the rim and frame were bullet proof.

You have a much better chance of landing on your feet if you stuff up. So i don’t think it’s possible to screw too badly. :smiley:

But anyway, welcome to the forums my new friend. :smiley: :smiley:

I agree with you on this The.Mars.Volta. :smiley:

Well, I weigh a lot more than 100 pounds. In fact, according to FDA I might be overweight. Also, I’m kinda top heavy, from doing too much bench-presses and push-ups during highschool years. I hope that is not going to be a problem. I just want to learn how to ride forward and turn, and then graduate to a Coker. My goal is to be able to commute (5 miles one way) to work on it. I’ve been riding a fixed-gear bicycle to work for several months. So, I have some idea of how the pedals on a unicycle will feel. Well, thanks everyone for the input.

meh, maybe just buy a thicker tire. that way you dont have to worry as much about landing on your rim.

I’ve gone through 3 of those kinds of unicycles, cost me 50 bucks to buy them used, then I experiment on them, my first one I took off a ten foot retaining wall, crushed the wheel into a forth of its size., but was still on the uni!

I’d say you got ripped off because bike shops etc tend to drastically overprice those entry level unicycles because they know nothing about them.

i know where you could get a hunk-o-junk very similar to that (new) for $55

heh heh…

no worrys, i spent $80 for a very similar unicycle when i first started to ride…
unfortunatly i didn’t get a decent one til a month ago…ah well…