What did I do?

I am an unofficial level 2 rider putting the brass tacks on levels 3 and 4 skills, I’ve never actually been tested.

I have been working on reducing my turning radius all summer.

Today I did something that felt completely different and really changed the way things worked.

I would go into one of my usual choppy turns that looks more like some kind of polygon with rounded corners. Today I concentrated on keeping my pedaling smoother as I lean. While coming out of one of these really choppy tight circles I lessened my lean but kept pedaling smoothly and the unicycle just went around and around and around and around almost on the spot while I pedaled smoothly and slowly with little lean at all.

I did this all afternoon 'til I did a nice UPD/roll. Ummmph! Time to rest. I looked at the blacktop and it was covered with all these great tight curly spirals in the dust from my new found skill.

So was I spinning? Is that what it was? It was really a cool feeling.


If it felt toltally different from a normal tight circle, then it was spinning. I agree it is a really cool feeling. I learned it a while ago, and then I forgot how to do it, and now I am just re-learning it. Now you can try to do it in the other direction:)

It did feel completely different. I could do it to the left quite predictably with fewer preparatory regular turning style circles. I managed to do it to the right a few times, then I bit it.

I’ll keep at it so it sticks. It is a really cool feeling.