What can i learn now?

In order for you guys to tell me what i should practice, ill tell you what i can already do.
I can ride, no problem
free mount, side mount , suicide mount, rolling mount
ride backwards
ride one footed about 20-25 revolutions
ride seat out in front
ride seat in back 10 m
hop up stairs
180 hop
ride stomach on seat
and… i thinkt thats it… what the hell should i do now, practice these things furhter? what other tricks/techniques can i learn?

If you want to be freestyle, try wheelwalking.

If you want to be street or trials, maybe seat out front hopping and crank grabs.

hop down stairs…

[spud man can i rent that space?]

crankflips, 360’s, grind hoping down stairs evne tho its been said doing bigger drops …

wheelwalking, and all its variants sound like it’s within your ability to learn, as well as seat on side, spins, and all that silly street stuff people seem to like :smiley:

Actually, I’d recommend checking out unicyclist.org, and watching some of the videos Leo has put up. It’s a great place to get ideas for what tricks to go after next.

And don’t forget to have fun while you’re doing it!

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dont practice unispins this early- youll get worked up. id say yea, a wheel walk is what i would learn if i were you

Wheelwalk before unispins?! I can ride 1ft’ed and I can unispin, but I can’t WW for the life of me.


When i had your level, i started doing some street/trial without knowing that i had a freestyle uni, not designed for this. I busted it riding/jumping stairs, doing crank grabs and little drops.

I suppose you’ve got the same uni you started with (a freestyle) so www.unicyclist.org which has been proposed earlier will give you a bunch of ideas of things to work. So as the videos posted on this newsgroup.

I think it will come naturally, but working new things as the WW advised, you should practice too the skills you already have :

1foot with both feet (turning the opposite way of the riding foot is the more tricky),
idle 1 foot,
riding and turning backward looking backward,
push the seat out riding close to the seat drag,
hop seat out,
hop up stairs ( 2 or more steps each jump).

I can now 1fww and glide downhill a few meters but i don’t have landed any unispin yet whereas i tried it a couple of times.


Re: What can i learn now?

a couple of hints

I’d say, you should learn gliding. Well, gliding is a very comfortable way to get down a hill, or whereever it goes down. Anyway, gliding is, in my opinion, a very nice trick to do. Because you go forward without pedaling. Once you get it, you’ll see it makes a lot of fun, just to glide down somewhere. Or if enough trained, you can glide on a flat scene ~50meters +/- with good starting speed.

So maybe you have to learn some tricks before, which make it easier to learn gliding. Therefore I’d say, start with ww -> 1ftww, gliding. Once you did 1ftww, try to put your feet on the tyre without looking what you are doing, so putting your feet on, while you focus something that is 50meters ahead of you. That will take some fears, if you have to put on your feet on the tyre while you are riding.

Ride on