What came first (Nimbus) : Unicycle or Broom?

When I tell people about my unicycle I mention it is a Nimbus. Most people laugh and tell me they copied that from Harry Potter. So I want to know, what came first? Was it the unicycle or the broom?

I think Nimbus means “cloud”.


I dunno, but I’m trying to find a Gryfindor sticker for mine :wink:

If I ever do get a nimbus uni, I’ll probably get some number stickers and put “2000” right under “nimbus”

And Harry Potter obviously copied it from a line of desktop PCs from RM! Or maybe a manufacturer of yachts. Or kayaks. Or countless other things that were around long before Harry Potter…


My sons giraffe is a Nimbus 2000 so I’d suggest at least this unicycle came after the broom.

in hte muggle world definatly the uni, the yacht, the p.c., the kayak and the burger. in the wizard world on the other hand it goes to the broom. now if someone finds a nimbus uni in diagon alley please pick me up a firebolt.


What kind of Unicycle would Ron Weasley have. I guess he would have a Sun. Or a Savage. (Broomwise, he had a Cleansweep–a name that does not ring with Quidditch glory.)
Draco Malfoy–a Hunter? A KH?
Harry Potter–of course a Nimbus (or a Yuni)
It can go on and on…

Ever since I heard that there was a Unicycle called the Nimbus, I could not help but think about the link between unicycles and Quidditch broomsticks.
Unicycling is indeed a little like flying a broomstick.
Unicycle Quidditch, anyone?

It was definately a cloud before it was anything.

Check out the rules at www.uk.unicyclist.com

We have been playing unicycle quidditch for years in the UK, at BJC , BUC and the occasional uni meet. Its a fun game, not to be taken too seriously.These days we tend to use basketball hoops as goals.
At Unicon in 2002 there was an international game.


that is seriously cool!!!


Schempp-Hirth has been making and flying Nimbuses for almost 35 years. Somebody just broke his own soaring record with a flight of over 3000 km in an Nimbus, too.

Note: All the Schempp-Hirth Nimbuses takeoff and land on only one wheel, so technically they are aerodynamically-aided impossible wheel unicycles. :slight_smile:

also ultra-cool!!!1


Re: What came first (Nimbus) : Unicycle or Broom?

Nimbus preceeded both …

n. pl. nim·bi (-b) or nim·bus·es

  1. A cloudy radiance said to surround a classical deity when on earth.
  2. A radiant light that appears usually in the form of a circle or halo about or over the head in the representation of a god, demigod, saint, or sacred person such as a king or an emperor.
  3. A splendid atmosphere or aura, as of glamour, that surrounds a person or thing.
  4. A rain cloud, especially a low dark layer of clouds such as a nimbostratus.

Source: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language