What Are The Meaning Of D=x/tl!

In torker unicycles, what does the T,L,D, and other letters/The X stand for in DX, TX, LX ect…

Someone help use out because I’m curious to now

mr… tells everything, but the x.

I dont know if the X means anything but I think D is dirt or deluxe (dont remember), L is luxury, T is tall and C is classic.

by the words of spencer.

I dont know, but my best guess would be they dont mean anything.

they were something like that but I’m not sure if the c is right. the d was deluxe

In DX…X stands for xavior. Because hes sooo darn cool they had to use his name.

who is sponcered by Torker anyways?

Justin Kohse and Anthony Hibbing, maybe more that I don’t know about.

never heard of them, is there someone I can watch their videos?


I used to be, but I haven’t communicated with them in a long time…

ax= not sure
cx=child or classic

Check www.torkerusa.com

Justin was in Defect, Anthony has some vids floating around on here. His name on here is general dibbles if you want to look around. They are both in the evolution trailer if you have seen that.

The title of this thread looks like a math formula.

Or at least that is a good enough explanation. Some will probably argue that the C stands for crappy.

AX is alloy

i was just about to do that

Well I knew that torker used to say what they meant on their site so I looked it up from a couple years ago. http://web.archive.org/web/20040525010101/http://www.torkerusa.com/
That says its Classic, Deluxe, Luxury and Tall.

On another page from the same time it says the D means “dirt” so I guess it can be eithe way.

Picture 3.png

Hey Anthony Hibbing Lives in Lincoln, I go to a skate park sometimes over there! That would be so cool if we could ride a little together, I would get to see some of his stuff. Unless he is off at some other place doing ensane unicycling.


D: ASCII code for capital D is 68
X: The EBCDIC code for lowercase x is 167.
t: ASCII code for lowercase t is 01110100 in binary.
l: In computational complexity theory: L is an exponentional function often associated with the time and space complexity of integer factorization algorithms. L is defined as L(s) = exp((ln n)s(ln ln n)1-s) for integer n.

68 = 167/(01110100 x exp((ln n)s(ln ln n)1-s)

Solve for s where n = -1.

Well duh, who didnt know that.