what are the best pedals for alot of grinding?

what are the best pedals for alot of grinding?

Plastics are the best in my opinion. They wear down fast though and so you will probably go through alot if you grind much. I would say Odyssey Plastic pedals. Ones like these…


If you order some from somewhere, make sure you get the right size.

Some people take the pins out of metal pedals on one side and grind on that.

There is also this but I have never used it. Some people have on here I think.


I have metal Odyssey JCs and do just this. I’ve only ridden at skate parks with waxed metal copings so I can’t say how it’d work in urban situations, though.

The only bummer is having to flip the pedal with your toe to get the pinned side up… the pinless side gets a bit slippery for big trials-type moves.

I have ridin urban situations grinding with half hte pins out, I love it. I dont like having to after every no footed trick (spins flips) I have to make sure I have the right side up, but I have grinded haggard ledges on them before, doin the same things all the local punk skaters were :smiley:

any good pedal that u can take the pins out on one side…

ya i havent tried plastics yet but i have some on my girraffe and i dont like them cause my feet always slip…i have the same snafus that came with my kh…i dont know how they are still alive especially my left pedal that i mainly grind with…ive grinded two 14 set hand rails a couple 12 set hand rails and just about anything i could grind but its getting pretty hard cause they are starting to just slip off rails

You got any vids out? Other than that one of the 14 set?


ya me and two of my friends ride together the guy that post most of the videos im in is uniman_3. Its usually me and his lil bro and him on the vids.