what about this muni?

so ive been wanting a muni and im really cheap, is this a good muni for me?
please respond! or tell me what i should get like what the best value for my money is. and if its a good muni then i will most likely get it so please help me make an informed decision based on your rewiews so i dont have to search through pages and pages so please help me.
thanks to anyone who helps

I dont know if it is good or not but you could search for it the unicycle products review forum.

it’s prolly a good beginner’s MUni…it’s not particularly fabulous, but, it’ll get the job done as long as you don’t plan on riding it tooo hard, like any big drops or trials or anything.

alot of the munis im looking at say like rider weight up to 140 or 150 pounds if i way more than that what would happen if anything?

If you are on a tight budget then that MUni will get you going. If you heavily abuse it you’ll most likely bend/break the cranks or shear off the axle. If you do break anything then you can replace the bit that broke with better a quality bit if and when it happens.

Dude, why not just go with a Nimbus? Its just a little more and you get a much better seat and a 24x3 tire.

From the picture it looks like it even comes with a Alex DX 32 rim. Can anyone back me up on that? That would kick cause thats a good rim.

Later on down the road you can even upgrade the hub/crankset to beef it up and then youve got a really nice ride. You wouldnt have that option (at least not as easily) with the United that you linked to.

You could also consider a 24inch torker DX if you can find one, but id still lean toward the nimbus.

I think you would be better off with a Torker LX than with that United. The Viscount seat is not good at all for MUni. You could get a Torker LX and upgrade the tire for less than the cost of that United. I also think that it’s worth looking at the Nimbus/Yuni/Qu-ax/Onza area for a MUni that will be more versatile in the long run, if money is not so much of an issue.

The LX is not a good choice for a Muni. It’s not designed for that type of riding. If you can afford it, get either the Nimbus 24X3 Muni, the Torker DX or wait a little while longer until you can afford one of those.

It is an Alex DX 32 rim.

I agree that the LX isn’t a great MUni, but it’s at least as good as that United, for $40 less. I have a friend who’s now ridden all of the Slickrock Trail, twice, on his Torker LX, so it’s not like the thing will just fall apart.

I also agree that if you’re really serious about MUni, you should get something with a splined hub and at least a 2.6" tire (which would also rule out the Torker DX).


dsc02320 (small).jpg

the peddle will fall off?

Most unicycles have two cranks.