What a wimp!

I learned how to ride a uni decades ago (I won’t say how many). Then I was too cool in high school to keep riding it after I learned how to drive. It got sold in some garage sale that I have forgotten. I built a giraffe about fifteen years ago out of bicycle parts, and rode it some then. Not bad for an amateur! A couple weeks ago I dragged it out again, but one of my welds on the hub broke, making it unridable for the time being. But something bit me, I looked up unicycle resources on the 'net and found this forum. I had to have a unicycle! So I found a used 24" to buy on ebay.

All that to say, after getting a longer seat post to suit me, I finally got to ride again today! I was quickly reminded that this isn’t for wimps! Taking it down the driveway, over to the neighbor’s driveway and back, I had enough for the moment. I knew that my legs would have to get in shape!

After dinner when things settled down, I took it for a ride to the nearby school/church yard. I thought half an hour would be a good ride, but NO!!! I wimped out, twenty minutes was plenty! The legs had a workout, and the bum is sore.

Those kids in the video clips make it look effortless!


I’m assuming you bought a Torker, because they sell that a lot on Ebay, right?

Welcome back. Your story is similar to mine.

Wrong assumption. My questions (with picture) and some suggestions are documented in the thread Does anyone recognize this uni make?