what 700c rim for the Schwalb Big Apple tire

I’m building a 29er for street and all around riding with the Big Apple tire and a UDC wide hub and a and I’m confused about the options for rims for this tire.
I called the Schwalbe N. America distributor in BC and he said the spec for this tire calls for 25mm of inside width at the tire bead. Wow, I asked what rims he could recommend and he went all lawyer and he said that his knowledge about biking stoped at the edge if the tire and couldn’t recommend any rims for his products. I looked around a couple of LBS’s and they don’t really speak 29er. One did show me a Sun Rhino Lite (not XL) and a Mavic and were cool on the quality of the Alex Adventurer rim, but none of these are as wide as Schwalbe says I should go. I think the Sun rim was the widest at about 22 or 23 mm in the center where the tire bead goes. Doesn’t KH make a 29er rim thats kinda wide?
Any advice on what rims work well for the Schwalbe Big Apple 29er? Anyone use one of these narrower rims with this tire? Notice any problems with this?
Thanks, Bryce

Go with the KH 700c rim. It’s the widest 700c rim available and it’s already unicycle tested.

KH’s web page says it’s 38 mm wide outside width and 30.8 mm wide inside width. It’s the same extrusion as used for the KH24 XC unicycle rim.

I don’t see the rim in the Unicycle.com USA catalog but I’d have to assume that Unicycle.com or Bedford would have it if it’s currently in stock.

yes the kh 29er rim.

they go out of stock with that rim alot, i was lucky to get 2 some months ago right after some came in from Europe (uni.uk)

order now, or better yet call 1 800 unicycle for availbility.

Just curious - have you looked into the Nimbus 29’er from unicycle.com? it’s largely what you’re looking for, and even if you need to do an upgrade or two, it may still be cheaper, as package deals tend to be. Good luck!

Thanks John and Jagur for the input. I contacted Darren at Bedford and he does have the KH 700c rim in stock.
Sounds like the way to go.

BTW: UDC is out of stock until April 06.

Thanks for the advice.