whaat is up w/ unicyclepics?

unicyclepics.co.uk is a cool site, but i just looked at it, i havn’t in a while and ALL of the top pictures are lame or are in the wrong category. The trials one is the only one with any skill involved, I am wondering what happened to the crazy insane pictures of forrest and others that i know are on that site?
did those kids just vote up their pictures or what?
I am just curious and confused.

noob invasion?

looks like jameswebster and danuniman voted up their pictures, wither that or all the other pictures are less impressive… which I doubt… I like the trials one, that’s really cool.

wot is that uni ? is that a splined 20" torker lx or what?

an 05 dx sounds like what you are talking about.
basically taht with a better seat and a double walled rim.

is this it?

that looks like a real old DX

2004?-2005 DX
i rode one for a while, but i broke the frame and bent the rim.
it ended up having an 07 frame and a Nimbus rim.

I dont think pete has had the time recently to update the site.
I’m sure it will be updated soon,ive not heard from him for a while though.