Weyless B-37, and MG-1 pedals

I know a while back pricepoint had the Wellgo pedals on sale, at least I thought they were Wellgo…

I’m looking into getting a new set of pedals for my Trials ride, I’m going to be using the DK’s on the Muni I’m building.

I want something that is lightweight and grippy, and these things look like they might take the cake.

Do any of you guys ride either of these pedals? if so what do you think?



the B-37’s arent too bad, but I would stay away from the mg-1’s for one reason, they’re magnesium. I’v had bad luck with, especially if your going to be doing any pedal grabbing at all. with my azonic mag pedals after one ride with a few pedal grabs I was already losing pins. I however have no firsthand expirence with the b-37’s, other than i’v heard they’re good.

The Weyless pedals look exactly like the Wellgo pedals. Wellgo seems to have gone away. Their web site is gone <http://www.wellgo.com.tw/>. I don’t know what happened to them. Looks like they are now Weyless.

I’d go for the B-37 pedals. They’ve got a solid platform. I have a pair that I keep as a backup pedal.

The bearings on the B-37 (and all of the other Wellgo/Weyless sealed pedals) won’t hold up to a lot of trials abuse. The bearings will fall apart and need to be replaced. If you’re going to use them for trials you might want to keep replacement bearings on hand so you can replace the bearings when they fall apart.

I’m 99% sure the B-37 uses 686ZZ bearings. I know for sure that the B-27 uses 676ZZ bearings and I’m pretty sure the B-37 uses the same bearings.

The dimensions on the 686ZZ bearings are
ID 6mm
OD 13mm
Width 5mm
ZZ stands for two metal dust shields

Boca Bearings has these bearings for about $8.99 each for stainless

And about $6.85 each for chrome

I’m not sure if stainless or chrome would be better for pedals. Stainless might be better if the pedal gets wet since it won’t rust, but the pedal is greased anyways with waterproof grease. Chrome bearings should be harder than stainless.

I keep a pair of 686 bearings on hand since I have several different pedals that use that bearing. That way when it’s necessary to replace a broken bearing I don’t have to make a rush order just so I can get my pedal working again.

Were you losing pins as in they were falling out and you could screw new ones in, or were you bending the pins in the threads so that you couldn’t screw new ones in?

I had pins coming out of my azonic a-frames and the guy at the shop said loctite the replacements in and they won’t fall out and so far the replacements haven’t. They take DMR V12 short allen-key pins which any shop will have.

Having said that I’ve got azonic fusion mags on my 29er (they were just soooo cheap and pretty light) and they don’t seem all that solid though, they look lovely, but don’t look bashable.

However, I’d suspect if you’re grabbing a lot the pins of any long grub screw pin pedal are going to get bent up or knocked out?

By the way, whatever pedals you get, if the endcap is a metal one which screws into the end of the pedal, undo them and loctite them back on otherwise the right hand one may fall off, azonics do this, eggbeater bike pedals do this, not sure which other pedals do.


I think I’ve decided to get a pair of Snafu’s they seem to hold up great for trials, I really like the DK iron crosses, but they are just sooo heavy compaired to other pedals and I like trying new stuff out.

I started looking at pedals again after reading this thread - I can’t afford these ones but I’ve never seen better.
(they even have a 17/4 stainless axle)

Assault Racing MX-100


Leo White


Wow, those are expensive. All’s i can say is you better buy shin pads too.



My new pedals seem to be holding up well, atomlab ballistics. The are made of bulletproof glass (lexan) so should take a beating. the Pins also look very sturdy, much more than any other pin’s i’ve seen on wellgo’s and primo’s. The pedals dont run on bearing’s either. The Body just spins on the (very sturdy looking) axel. They look incredibly strong, but i havent put them through much trauma yet, i’ll update when i’ve ridden them more.

They are very grippy though, yuo certainly dont lose your footing on the trails. The platform is huge aswell, its about 10cmx10cm, which is larger then most pedal’s i’ve used. It looks huge when you have them with you. There will be more pics up soon, as soon as i can get the gallery working properly.

The major drawback is the price, at £90 (roughly $135) new, they aren’t cheap. And No, i didnt pay that much for them, i got them secondhand, with little use.


[edit - deleted picture was far too big, new pic in next post]

pic, high res version, and different pics, (2048x1536) available by email,

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