Wet Unis

What do you do when your uni gets wet and you just got home?

nothing…i pretend the unicycle is dry :D:D:D

When I get home and my uni is wet(Usualy Soaked), I leave it in the Hallway entrance, and I go to see whats up on the forums.

lol…my uni is normally not wet when it´s at home :D:D:D

acknowledge the fact that she/it is in the mood :wink:

ok… wow, you really don’t know what to do with a wet uni… you either leave it wet, ride it, or dry it off, this thread is stupid.

A spectacularly obnoxious and unhelpful response. Jesus would be proud.

In general, there’s not much to do about a wet unicycle; probably just bang it a few times to knock off the excess water, and leave it alone. Water isn’t great for bearings, but most unicycle bearings are sealed, so there’s nothing you can do about it anyway. If it’s not salt water, I wouldn’t bother with it.

My uni likes the rain :smiley: But not salt water. I just keep going, if it is wet, chances are I am soaked! So there is no need to stop riding.

Assuming it is fresh rain water

I would say it is pretty harmless. If it’s muddy, spray it off lightly with a hose.

Never blast water at the bearings. Never let an ignorant doffus near your uni with a pressure washer (it can blast the grease out of your bearings in a second ).

It’s also a bad idea to spray wd40 at the bearings "to displace moisture ". This penetrating oil will seep past the bearing seals and liquefy the grease inside.

If you don’t mind the extra work, you can keep even steel parts, and paint looking new by using car wax every month or so. I am to lazy :roll_eyes: , but wax is the best thing for keeping that new look.:slight_smile:

Throw it in the trash and buy a new one !

just kidding, wipe it down and get it ready for tomarrow.

hahahahaha… Good one.


Well I realy havn’t gotten my uni very wet, but the pinch bolts on the cranks have some rust on it. I normaly wipe it off if it is wet.

i normally don’t care that much and put mine through the pressure washer at the car wash; its fine :slight_smile:

But it can kill your bearings. What you don’t want to do with a uni is drop it into the bottom of a river, the tide was down so it went splat in the mud, It took ages to clean off, being extra careful around the bearings. I polish my uni too, keeps it shiny and more protected :smiley: I’ll have to polish more now my frame is raw!

When my uni get’s wet, I dry it off instantly! Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually the more I think about it, if I get it wet, at the end of the ride, yes I do dry it off. I don’t like looking at my uni when it’s wet/dirty…Just the way I am.

My muni gets a brazilian every few weeks.