Wet Ride

felt like making a quick video so here

Nice, I liked the calm feel to the video. The riding was good too.


digging the flatland and street style there mike :slight_smile: makes me want to ride and make videos!

I liked it and the mood. Giggled when you threw your uni down.

Impressive and inspiring riding in a quiet park. The weather in Nelson, NZ looks exactly like Seattle’s weather. I’m desperate for a long stretch of sunshine right now!

Good soundtrack, nice mixing, great ending. Liked it!

Thats funny cause Nelson is actually known for its near endless stretches of sunshine

yeah Nelson is one of the sunniest places in NZ,just had a week stretch of rain though :angry:

At least there’s no skateboarders there getting in the way… They’re all worried about rusting their trucks no doubt…

Nice vid. Love the chilled vibe and the very funny last shot.